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Emma Approved is a modernized adaptation of Emma, a novel by Jane Austen. It is a Pemberley Digital Project, a company founded by Hank Green and Bernie Su.
Emma Approved is developed by Bernie Su.

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Alex Knightley - Brent Bailey -
Harriet Smith - Dayeanne Hutton -

Executive Producer - Bernie Su -
Executive Producer - Hank Green -
Producer - Jenni Powell -
Co-Producer - Kate Rorick -
Consulting Producer - Tracy Bitterolf -
Director - Bernie Su -
Writer - Kate Rorick -
Cinematography - Raphe Wolfgang -
Production Manager - Brit Weisman -
Editor - Cody Bonsignore
Story Editor - Tamara Krinsky -
Transmedia Producer - Alexandra Edwards -
Transmedia Editor - Angelique Hanus
Production Designer - Katie Moest -
Intro Music - Sally Chou -
Intro Design - Andrew Swaner
Art Direction - Adam Levermore -
Stylist - Jessica Snyder -
Makeup - Jennifer Jackson
Sound Mixer/Boom - Geoff Allison
Key Grip - Adrian Pacheco -
Gaffer - Tristan Starr
Production Assistant - Ana Avila -
Post Production Coordinator - Chris Kwon -
Social Media Manager - Christina Cooper -


Alex (on phone): No, we are not over-budget.

(indistinct voice over phone)

No, she is not over-budget either. (Gestures to someone off-screen to sit next to him; Harriet walks in and sits.)

(indistinct voice)

Look, I understand that this is all a big party, but it's Emma; she'll call in a favor. She always calls in a favor.

(indistinct voice)

Yes, Maddie, I tell her that every day. (Mouths 'I'm sorry' to Harriet; Harriet mouths 'That's okay' back.)

(indistinct voice)

Maddie, I am positive that it will be 'Emma Approved'. I mean, have you met Emma?

(indistinct voice)

No! She's just very...busy. Busy.

(indistinct voice)

Of course, Maddie, I will pass the message along. I'll talk to you later?

(Sighs; puts down phone.)

Sorry. Maddie Bates.

Harriet: It's okay. I still haven't met her yet.

Alex: You will.

Harriet: Are you ready?

Alex: I guess, I just still don't really understand this.

Harriet: Well, Emma thought it would be good for you to answer some burning questions for the documentary.

Alex: Why?

Harriet: ...She thought it would make you more...interesting

Alex: (pause) She thinks I'm not interesting? 

Harriet: (pause) Yeah...She says you're coming off a bit...dull.

Alex: What?! Tch. Forget about that, let's just, let's get this over with.

Harriet: Great! Oh, I'm gonna reset!

(01:22) Title sequence


(01:28) Cut back to Alex in his office; Harriet hurrying back in.

Harriet: CindySue asks: "What is your favorite childhood memory?"

Alex: Hmm. The time that my dad took my brother and me camping in Yellowstone.

Harriet: I didn't know you had a brother!

Alex: Oh, well. Now you do.

Harriet: Margarita_RPF asks: "What do you think of Emma's business strategy?"

Alex: Oh, well, Emma's more of the Creative Director, and I'm the Business Strategist. 

Harriet: What do you think of them?

Alex: My strategies? Um...They are...sound. And...well-thought-out.

Harriet: And with Emma?

Alex: Emma's strategies are a little bit more...ah...aggressive. 

Harriet: SimmeringCan asks: "What's you're favorite Excel spreadsheet function?"

Alex: V Look-up, definitely.

Harriet: What's it do?

Alex: Well, it's after you enter a value, you can go back and look it up with -- (coughs) -- You know what? Uh, next question, let's go a little faster.

Harriet: Okay, uh...Lightening round! MargaretFandango asks: "Top three favorite films!"

Alex: Godfather; Into the Wild; Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Harriet: Anna Briber asks: "Are you a cat person or a dog person?"

Alex: Dog person. Ruff!

Harriet: Rumsifier asks: "Who's your favorite Ninja Turtle?"

Alex: Donatello. (sings) Go ninja, go ninja, go! Ha!

Harriet: Um, FanGirlMichelle asks: "My friend is contemplating an office romance. Thoughts?"

Alex: Don't do it. Never ends well.

Harriet: Yeah...

Alex: Okay, uh, last question. 

Harriet: "Why am I following some random business dude?"

Alex: Oh, well, you work for us. I'm not really a random dude.

Harriet: No, it's a question. Lucy Shanners asked it.

Alex: Oh (laughs). Um, well, Lucy, I don't know. Emma probably convinced you to do it, and how, I don't know.

Harriet: Okay. Thank you Mr. Knightley.

Alex: You're welcome! Hopefully my answers were 'Emma Approved'. 

Harriet: Well, they were definitely 'Harriet Approved'!

Alex: Then that's all that matters.

(03:24) End Screen