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In which John breaks down the nPower League standings, and talks about what the Swoodilypoopers need to do to achieve promotion.
Hi. Welcome to a special episode of HankGames without Hank featuring no video games. My name is John Green, I am the coach of the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers.

I thought I would give you an update today on where we stand in the npower Championship on our march to the Premier League. We are currently third in the npower Championship. Uh, the top two teams automatically get to the Premier League, the other teams that you see there they all go into some kind of, like, playoff system and the winner of the games goes to the Premier... We don't want to be there, we want to be in the top two. We're seven points out of first right now. I believe that by the end of the season we can get into those two promotion spots.

So that's as far as promotion goes. We are also currently in the fifth round of the F.A. Cup which is extremely exciting because we have a chance to go back to the F.A. Cup final and avenge our terrible loss to Manchester United.

Top scorers in the league right now, we have Other John Green leading the pack, Bald John Green in third but remember he was injured for forty days and forty nights, a biblical number because it was a terrible, terrible thing. Also on the list you will see Stone Cold Cteve with the C Austin.

So that's where the Swoodilypoopers stand today. I thought I'd give you this update so you have a handle on where we are. You can look for an episode of HankGames tomorrow.