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What happens when a save file doesn't save? You get transferred to an alternate universe of course!

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(0:00) Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, this is games with me, and today I have terrible news. The game we're going to be playing is Sims 3, the bad news is all the work I did in the last two episodes didn't get saved! Bill Clinton has never had a girlfriend, he's never had a kiss, nothing is and I just like I feel like I'm going to do it all over again and it's going to be boring. And maybe different things will happen! The universe is chaotic. You never know. 

(0:23) Alright. Here they are, back where they were two episodes,  hanging out by a mirror! Awesome!

(0:29) Look at Bill. Bill has to just- Jimmy Carter likes to sleep, Bill Clinton likes to stare at hisself in a mirror.

(0:37) I can't believe Jimmy Carter just went to bed. Go get a job! Yeah, accept career: Test Subject! For 44 dollars an hour! This game, this game really likes high paying jobs. It wasn't even made recently. It's just, it's just giving people extremely high expectations. Oh, Jimmy Carter was just doing nothing. Oh, oh, does Jimmy Carter... NO! STOP! AHHH! Uh, no, no no, talk to her! Be friendly! Be friendly! Friendly... applaud her hard work! Get over there, Jimmy Carter. Don't just run away from the girls. Oh, we have so much in common, I'd love to get to know you better! Man, I tell you what, oh Nancy Landgrab, are you my boss? She... what's this mean? View... oh, yeah! I love this view! And Nancy Landgrab's like, I gotta go away. Go talk to Nancy! Be funny! Make a fu-, oh she got in a really nice car, oh! Her car disappeared. And I'm making a funny fa-, no, maybe you shouldn't make a funny face at her. Maybe that is not, uh, be friendly. Friendly... brighten her day! Just brighten, that's an easy! Apparently that's just a thing you can do, I'm going to brighten her day with talk about microscopes and shiny bananas. Alright, alright, well this is good, I think that Nancy Landgrab and I are getting a long just fine and TAKE THAT BILL CLINTON! JIMMY CARTER GOT GAME TOO! Wait, Jimmy learned that Nancy is a snob? Aw, that's okay. Nancy thinks Jimmy is being boring! Oh, well I'm excited about going to bed!

(2:09) Alright, oh, here's Bill Clinton, staring at the side of his house. *sings* I'm Bill, I like to look at my own face. It's real pretty! I got a pretty face. I'm Bill and I got a pretty pretty face. Facsh Face! *ends singing* Oh... that's... did I not assign the beds? Are you guys confused about whose bed is whose? Oh, well, THAT'S NOT YOUR BED, JIMMY CARTER! Aw, dang it. I don't like how this game makes you just sit there and watch this happen. I am not creative enough to make this interesting.

(2:47) Oh man, I don't think Jimmy got a chance to get much sleep, he got a bad night's sleep! 'Cause of a cheap bed? That's not a cheap, you were sleeping on Bill Clinton's bed, that's the nice one! Somebody told me that I needed to move the bed away from the wall if I wanted, uh, if I wanted them to have a, uh, ever have some whoopie. I'll just move it over here. That's, that looks like it's far enough. 

(3:09) Jimmy is super unhappy. He's hungry, he didn't get food, and he didn't get good sleep... but he's very clean! Well Jimmy is just gonna need, he's just gonna have to get some rest, oh, he's feeling better, but now, now he's got strained! He could use a few hours of fun! Come on! Sometimes the life of a scientist is difficult!

(3:29) Bill Clinton is, uh, not at work anymore, he's home, and... HE STOLE AN OBJECT? He's a thief! Oh my goodness! He's sticky fingered and he made $242. An item was just placed in the Sim's family inventory, which is available, okay, later.

(3:46) Jimmy's going home. Let's see what Jimmy needs. He needs to donate money to charity. Okay, sure. Oh, he's so unhappy! Should you, what should you do first? You should eat food. Well, no, you should not eat food. Oh, you look terrible! You should go to the park. 

(4:06) Yeah Jimmy Carter, you enjoying the park? Go practice chess, that's how Bill found his girl. And then I'm going to go check out Bill Clinton and see what he's up to, probably, oh, where's Bill? What's Bill doing? He's... also gone to the park. Well, he needs to practice as well. Are you gonna play chess with Jimmy? Go play chess with Jimmy Carter. This guy was probably gonna come over and do it, wasn't he, but now he's not going to. Everybody's having such a good time! But you two, you're gonna, ah, we're gonna have some friendships here. Who's this? People are watching us play chess? Oh, everybody's just having such a good time. What is these things next to me? What does this mean? Grab plate. Bill Clinton's just, is having a picnic and Jimmy Carter is hanging out with himself. Gunther again! Why are you always hanging out with Gunther, Bill? Who's this? I need to stop fast forwarding, I'm too, I'm confused right now. Bill Clinton, what are you doing? What? Did you just? You are inside of this man! What is happening right now? This is not okay. You're both tired, you need to stop being inside of each other and go home and go to sleep.

(5:18) Where is Jimmy Carter? Oh! He's in the public restroom. Which is fine. You go home too, Jimmy Carter.

(5:24) Alright, now we're gonna fast forward again 'cause it is time for the boring part of Sims where everybody just sleeps except me.

(5:33) Is Bill in the right bed now? I, just, apparently this game is more, uh, just a simulated sleep watching game. Bill, get up! Bill. Bill, get up. You gotta go to the bathroom. Quick. Use... use the toilet. And then go to work. You don't have time for any of this. Why is Jimmy not happy? He's very hungry! Very hungry. Well, then go eat food, you sleepyhead! Have a quick meal then. Bread and jam, and also you should probably clean whatever is happening on this plate here. Spoiled jam and bread of putrid quality. 

(6:14) And you better clean up after yourself this time, boy! What? NUH! NUH! YOU GOTTA, NO! NO! NO! NO! GO TO WORK! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! NAH! GOD DANGIT! GET! NO! GO! NOOOO! JEEZ, WHY ARE YOU IN THE SHOWER, GOD DANGIT? The fast forward is really dangerous. I missed work! Oh, and, the there's a puddle in the bathroom, what's going on? But turn fix the what the, repair the shower! Fix it! Fix it! *sings* You workin' at the body wash, woah woah woah woah, work it now. *stops singing* Man, you've had this shower for LITERALLY A DAY, and it breaks. 

(6:53) And now you're tired, you complete waste. Oh, you're going to bed? Really? Right now? It is LITERALLY, it's NOON! It is hard to be an old dude in the Sims. 

(7:04) Bill earned $168 today, but also he, he got, he got promoted! More unrealistic expectations for today's youth! YOU GET PROMOTED AFTER ONE DAY!

(7:16) Thank you for watching this extraordinarily uninteresting episode of Hank Green plays The Sims. I have to catch up though, I have to catch up to back where I was, and I'm going to save this time. Games nowadays just auto-save, and it, it didn't do that, I, I, it crashed and I expected it would just be there and it wasn't and I'm bummed. So thanks for watching, and DFTBA.