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It occurs to me now that I've done this that I should have set up some place to put my phone.

But I didn't do that. So maybe I'll do that now.

Cause I've got all sorts of things to do that with, around. I've got this skull. That might be useful.
Maybe I'll just put him there and I'll lean my phone against that. That'll be high enough up? Meh, g- good. Fairly good. 

Hey, there's four people here. Obviously, we just figured out that we were able to do live streams on YouTube and put it out only to the community, and that's you. This is a fairly echo-y room. I find it frustrating, in fact. Even after we put all these things on the wall ...still making noise. 
Best of the current Crash Courses for someone who's trying to drive a wedge into the Crash Course staff's heart. Not everybody believes that all the Crash Courses have lots going for them, but I'm glad you like it. 

Um, so hey. How's it goin? John just did a chat. I am doing that now too. And you would think the lighting would be better. It just doesn't like w- I'll be right back. Try another light. 

Is this gonna be better or worse? Better or worse? Worse. I look like I'm on fire. I've got the holy life inside of me. *Ming!* I'll just turn down the lights a little bit. 
How's that look? You know, honestly, exactly the same. So it may not be the light's problem. It looks very similar. 

Um, John is mad at me now for doing a live show! Can we only do one a day? Is there a rule? I figured that people maybe- you have this shirt? You do not. I- where'd you get it if you have this shirt? 'Cause I know where I got mine and I know what brand it is, 'cause I was just looking at it as I was about to put it on for a SciShow, 'cause I needed to change shirts because I was doin a bunch. And I often get compliments on this shirt, John. And I bought it myself at the mall. 

John, I feel like we're having a conversation that's not going well. Maybe you should just call me. You're not typing fast enough. Everyone is waiting for you to say something- because until I let you- let it go- what? Because until you let it go I can't let it go and I'm getting tired of this whole situation. I don't know who you're talking to or what you're even talking about. Is it the shirt, or is it the fact that I'm doing a livestream? Which thing? 

I'll take questions, from John, or from other people. There's 87 people watching but only 6 people have liked this. Do you not like it? 104 people watching and only 6 people have liked it. Come on.