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Okay. So John, apparently knew this fact about Youtube, uh, that if you answer a phone call while you are livesteaming, the live stream crashes. And yet, he called me. But he has, he wanted to say, "Hank, when are we going to let this shirt thing go. Not this shirt thing, but the thing where we are always wearing shirts of eachother, the same shirt for every video."

And I honestly thought that in calling it out last week I had ended it. But then John made his video in which he was still wearing the shirt. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to wear that shirt because I don't think that it's clean. It might be on the bottom of the hamper right now. But you know, Friday is a long way off you guys, anything could happen.

Do you have any quiestions for me about Crash Course Philosophy or about anything at all? Ahh, please ask. 

You can see here behind my picture frame, my hidden Sprite. Ahh, it's, I mean, I feel like eventually the shirt thing, like, we have to stop eventually right?

We can't like, a year from now I'm not going to be wearing the same thing, right? Maybe? Maybe I am.

My favourite type of bread? Is maybe pumpernickel, maybe, like, marple rye and like, a patty melt situation. Anything like that.

The shirt thing is that John and I have worn the same shirt for  the last, like last five videos.

Umm, not as each other, but like, you know. Oh I wore that again, I wore the same thing again.

Of course I like orange soda. I don't like that it exists, I'd prefer it not exist, but seeing as it does exist I love it. You know how that is, you know how that goes.

Do you like eggs? Do *you* like eggs? Do YOU like eggs? Um, yes, I do. I like them over medium, or over easy. 

I haven't been doing a lot of cooking snaps lately Stephanie.

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And I'll be honest with you, it's because it's hard and I like, it eh, was fun, for a while, and then it was like, "Oh. Cooking is less fun now. Because I am making cooking snaps instead of just cooking, and I uh, I'm not cooking. And I like to cook and I want to do that, and not have to worry about making content while I do it." True story. 

Do you like bowties? Yeah, I think they're a little contrived. Our college, uh, president wore bowties, and I was like, really?! Really? You're not just gonna, like, just be a norma- you gotta like, have a thing? Feels a little bit like a 'thing', ya know? 

Any news on Vidcon Amsterdam? Vidcon Amsterdam's gonna be a thing! We haven't actually been to the venue yet. Uh, but right now, for Vidcon Amsterdam, what we're doing is a lot of, like uh, research on Youtube communities in Europe. Research on creators over there, make sure that we do a good job with that, we're also inviting people. So inviting American and uh, Austrailian creators, uh, people who might come from farther away. Um, yup. That's that. 

Often times people ask for advice for new Youtubers, but like, uh, more than ever I've realized that that is a very difficult thing to give without knowing a lot about what you're doing on the platform and what your goals are. Uh, so, I would say, the number one thing, figure out what you're doing and what your goals are. And that really helps. Of course, also don't get too uh... stuck on one thing! 'Cause you never know what the thing is gonna be that actually, uh, people really like. Um. There's much to say, much to say. I talk about it all the time at the ICG creator talks podcast, if you wanna listen to that. But you have to be an ICG member to listen to the podcast. For now anyway, we might eventually open it up. Because I'm feeling like it would be really useful for people to hear!

How did you manage...

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How did you manage to do your video in landscape? I don't know, I held it in landscape? I like, held it, the phone in landscape mode while I was making the video. Uh, it's pretty easy to do. Is a higher ed Crash Course on the horizon? I don't know, not the horizon, necessarily, maybe a horizon. Uh, it's gonna be- it's a horizon that's a bit away. Um, you know. Depends on how I'm getting to the horizon. Am I walking? Am I driving? Am I flying in a plane? Not flying in a plane, but uh, maybe swimming at a normal swim speed. Uh, but we would like to do that. Oh wow, so many. How do you feel about the Brotherhood 2.0 universe existing in kind of a bubble separated from the rest of YouTube? You know, I don't know if that's even true! I think that, that like the Vlogbrothers community is, that Nerdfighteria is a thing, but like it overlaps. Lots of Venn diagrams on the YouTube community, um, which is a thing I like a lot. Um, you know I think that people who come to Vidcon, like... and some of them don't know who Hank and John are, but a lot of them do. A lot of them know who we are and don't watch our videos, but still are aware. Um... Okay, what did I miss? Should I spend money on books or Pizza John merch? Probably books. I mean, as long as they're books you're gonna read. Hank, do you like Mexico? Yeah, man! I've never been. I've gotta be honest. But I like the idea of Mexico, I like countries. I like all of my Mexican friends, uh, they are my friends though so I'm a little biased. Um... My day has been good. I got up really early this morning and I'm tired. I wish that I had not but I did two ICG creators talk podcasts. If you don't know, Internet Creators Guild is a thing that, uh...

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