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In which Hank follows Eduardo to the dry dock as a manatee in the ocean and/or Spider Ezio.

When we last left our hero Ezio Auditore, he was doing stuff, but the I, uh, initiated a mission with the audio not recording. So I'm t-tracking down loads of Leonardo's war machines in Napoli, and your really didn't miss very much to be honest. The Borgia have constructed a deadly Naval War Machine based on Leonardo's designs. It must be destroyed before Cesare gains control of the seas.

Full synchronization. Open 1 of the first 3 gates. I don't know what that means, but I'm gonna do it. When we last left our hero, you may remember that we were uh, tracking down the uh source of Cesare's funding. But, uh. Warning, being detected will cause desynchronization.


voice over: Tell your comrades that only Eduardo may examine the invention up close to make the final adjustments.


Voice over: Yes Capitano


Voice over: He travels by boat to see the mechanism now.

Ok so I have to talk to Eduardo, but I have to not be detected. Um, not entirely sure how to do that, maybe go by sea?

Um, I was gonna to track down the banker, but instead I'm tracking down on one of Lenardo's war machines, because that is equally important. 

(1:15) Drop into the water. You guys aren't gonna notice me, cause I'm swimmin' under the water.

Voice over: halt stay right there

You can't see me, it's really muddy, I don't need to breath. What's breathing for? Ok, I do need to breath sometimes. 

(1:53) I'm allowed to kill people right? cause that would be boring. Nope, not here, not around, I'm a manatee in the ocean, I'm a canal based manatee. Ok didn't breath. I'm gonna see this guy. Hello, Eduardo. Let's talk.

Voice over: Give me the plans

oh, this isn't talking 

Voice over: you are the Assassin, am I right? You must stop Cesare. I will help.

Excellent, you are a friend, then I will stop torturing you

Voice over: Gracie

Oh, I thought you were getting into the water, I thought he was just gonna jump in the water. uh, whun, uh un. I was just getting in his boat, it is not my fault he is a clumsy pants. Stupid face, I don't have to redo all of that because of Mr. stupid face, frickin blue and  pink and riddle fail.

(2:57) Ok, good. Follow him to the dry dock. So I was following him. Interacting with the gondola.., well thanks now, for the warning. That that would've done great moments ago. Interact with the gondola, why don't interact with the gondola, you never know what;s gonna happen. They're dangerous things. where are you going? this does not seem like gondola safe habitat. Smoke bombs disable guards assassinate them or flee before the gas wears off. Okay, so we are, I,  I don't know why I have to do all of the hard work here. Oh, there's a guard I can't move. okay, uh-nun, look at him, he reminds me of Ed from full metal alchemist, except that I'm gonna kill him.

(3:56) Are you gonna interact with the sparkly bit, that's me job. I mean Alf from full metal alchemist Katherine reminds me. What? oh, yeah, that was really poorly done Hank. Great, thanks for hitting me in the face. I am gonna have to do that all over again aren't I. Uhh, I didn't mean to get up all the way.

(4:27) Infinite grid of pink and blue fail. It's the pink and blue infinite grid of fail. Oh, well, well that.. thanks for putting me in this extraordinarily convenient situation. I appreciate that, and,.. I will no forget your kindness in the future. uh, computer game.Zaccaria Za... Oh, Jesus, stop looking at me. Um, well yeah, this is much easier now that you have stuck me on the roof. Um, it it was saying something about Zaccaria, becoming a better assassin I think. So that's great, hopefully they are back from their mission. Uh, I sent some people on a mission, also while I was while I was not around, uh, not recording. And... Nope I'm not here, not here.

(5:30) Oh geez, did I fall at the exact wrong time? or was it the right time?  uh, I sent some assassins on a mission to kill a priest. um, and also to kill a beggar. It seems like maybe uh .. uh.. not the kindest mission that I have ever sent some one on but..... What are you doing? Spider Ezio Spider Ezio assassinates from the water can. Shh don't die so loud. did I say water can? that doesn't make any sense.

(6:07) Water can? ok, anyway. nope nope nope, you don't see me. oh crap, get down. fidgety fidgety frack auh. gaaaaa I'm not a fan of this mission so far, I need to be paying attention. OK, another fail screen for Hank Green. Follow Eduardo to the dry dock, which is very far away. Yes, I know being detected will cause desynchronize.uhhhhhh. why did I frickin jump in the wrong direction. Talk to Eduardo? I can't talk to Eduardo I'm frickin swimming right now thanks. 

(7:11) Shhot monger. Nope I'm not here. uhhhhhhh

Man OK, paying attention, not gonna fail again. I'm gonna do this mission in 10 minutes, you guys will be entertained while I do it. uhh pink and blue fail grid. Right almost dropped my controller, and I'll be more careful. There's plenty of time, plenty of time. Nobody sees me when I am up here anyway.  OK, talk with Eduardo why? he is down in the boat. I don't talk to people in boats because apparently if I interact with the gondola who knows what could happen? Eduardo could fall out of it again and cause desynchronization. ok, ok, moving on up. oh,... get in the water. Well I fell because I wasn't paying attention again, but it is OK. 

(8:44) (laughs) that is so much screaming. Oh, mission assault a priest was successful hell yeah. My boys can assault a priest. is this what they were talking about with the gates? Do something with the gates. Pass one of the 3 gates. I don't know what he was talking about. Okay, there we got promoted to servitore, excellent news, I don't know what that actually means. Uh, there appears to be nothing else for me to do. Nobody sees me, I am under the fricking water. Hey. Uhh, I'm nervous. (muffled characters talking, Hank mimics it) bolbolblbhoh.

Where are we going? this place is frickin crazy. Can I get under this? wooah, that is dangerous-rous so dangerous-rous-rous. you have to some with me into death. 

(10:30) OK, so are those the gates I have to go through with him? to get full sync? cause that seems dangerous-rous. what are we doing? I wan-ta go yeah, hu uh do it draw ohh that seemed really close. Ok, Eduardo has arrived he is stinky fan. 

Voice over: ahhhh

Auhhhh. let go Ezio we go-ta go. Yeah I didn't think I was going to that that one. Dry docks location discovered. I did not, .. detection is nor permitted. I do not know.. oh.. this thing was not sparkling before. Hey I can be detected all day and night now. And I will be and I know it. 

(11:55) We are at 12 minutes yo. Where is my crossbow? how does this thing work? Draw weapon, shoot. that didn't work at all uhh. (laughs) That was fun. So far I like the crossbow, fun, fun stuff. I am gonna look at this guy see if I can get my crossbow bolt out of him. No? it's somewhere around there. Um there's a guard right on the other side of the wall. So don't think that I didn't notice that. Get me one of these right over there. Hi guys can I double assassinate you guy? Nope, apparently not. 

(12:47) Yeah, this is fun. I can use this against you. ah hahaha. oh, I enjoyed that way to much. Ohh that guy's big, that guys is big, he is a big guy. How should I kill him? How about a gun?.

Voice over: You there stop! I know--

Did it work? It did. It was loud, but it worked. "You there!" Yeah I know. I kicked your ass with a gun. I wish I, uh I am not gonna make it I am at 14 minutes, I can only make 15 minute videos because I, this partner, this YouTube channel is not partnered so I have to end the video here, and tell you that I will not see you, and you will not see me, but you will hear me, the next time on Hank plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0 in which I will finish this mission, destroying a war machine and it will be very fun. Okay goodbye.