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In which Hank talks mostly about Twitter...but also about the Blurbing Book Club.


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Twitter at noon time, Twitter after school time, by the tube is so fine.

When you put Twitter on a bagel you can eat Twitter anytime... That's right, I wanna talk to you about me, and I want to talk to you about Twitter and I want to talk to me about Twitter too, because I am confused. The idea of Twitter...there's a funny...there's a light.

It's coming through the window. Is that better? Now my tripod is stuck on something.

Videos are HARD. I used to be so good at this. I used to be so good at this, and now I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

The idea of Twitter is basically to write down exactly what you're doing at every moment possible. Except that you should selectively only type about the coolest things that you are doing. So if you happen to be hanging out with somebody really famous who also thinks that you're really cool and you guys had a really good time yuckin' it up you should definitely take out your PDA and tell everyone about that.

Like, I don't think anybody ever tweets their poops. I could tweet my poops. I think my doctor actually suggested that I tweet my pooops.

I'm so old. Note to people who are confused: Hank Green has a dysfunctional colon. www.twitter... eco-geek password... Here's a funny thing about me, when I'm hitting my password I don't actually think the name of my password in my head like I used to.

But one day I realized that maybe if there was a mind reader around he could read my mind while I was typing so now I type my password and I think the word password. I think it's best to play it safe. My doctor says I should probably tweet my poops.

And now it's on Twitter! And now everybody that follows me knows that! That my friends is the killer application of web two point oh.

Oh my God, how lame. THE LIGHT IS BACK. Come with me away from the light.

The point of Twitter doesn't seem to be to let anyone know actually how you're doing, the point of Twitter seems to be to define yourself. To take this thing you are, this created mechanism that the internet allows you to be, with Facebook and linked in and MySpace and your own personal blogs and your Twitter stream and your Flickr feed and your Youtube channel, and obviously this is not something I can complain about because it's exactly what brotherhood two point oh has largely been about and what nerdfighting is about. But that doesn't mean that it's not really really really really really really really really really confusing and peculiar.

Is that what we are now? Is that how we define ourselves? And even stranger and even more puzzling and disturbing is the fact that those people that you're connecting with out on Twitter, those people are a new kind of relationship.

I imagine that it's very much like the relationship that I have with nerdfighters. Which is not necessarily a bad relationship. But it's a relationship that hasn't really been defined.

They're not fans and they're not friends, they're something in between. There's definitely nerdfighters that I think are my friends now. And I imagine that I'd feel the exact same way if I interacted with all of my followers on Twitter.

It obviously serves a purpose. It serves a purpose for the Twitterer or the vlogger or blogger. You get this interaction with people who value your humor and your perspectives and your ideas and there really is nothing more important than having people value your ideas in this society.

I mean once it becomes obvious that people aren't gonna admire you for your hot stud manliness, then people valuing you for your ideas that sort of the next best thing. And so I kind of decided that I would try Twitter. But I think I'm going into it with a little bit more knowledge of what the heck this thing's about.

It's about getting that currency that's not money. Which is a hard thing to come by. I hope that I provide that currency for some people too.

So I guess kind of what I'm trying to say is thanks? me that? And if you wanna follow me on Twitter I think I'm gonna be on there.

The Slaughterhouse Five blurbing book club is complete. Go to right now, all of the submissions are in the forum. Try and figure out which ones are your favorites and put them in the new forum post which I've just posted.

The new blurbing book club book is Going Postal by Terry Pratchett. And that's all. For now.

Bye. Today's question of the day is "What is the weirdest thing you would do for a dollar?"