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"Among the Ruins" is at Space 301 in downtown Mobile, Alabama until May 4th.


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A Bunny
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Good morning Hank, it's Friday, March 14th. You might be wondering why I'm wearing these beads. It's because I'm in Mobile, Alabama, and I happened to walk past a parade.
Hank, I've been to Mobile, Alabama three times in my life and all three times they've been having a parade. Hank, I'm forced to conclude that either people of Mobile, Alabama get really excited whenever I come to town, or else they have a parade every day.

By the way, I wonder where all these great beads came from.
(shot of stacked containers)
Oh... Yeah, probably from those shipping containers.

So Hank, the reason I'm in Mobile is that Sarah is curating a show that is opening here called "Among The Ruins" and it's great!

It includes all these contemporary artists from all over the world, like this Japanese artist who now lives in Queens who covered an entire house in the lower ninth ward of New Orleans two years after the storm with latex and cheese cloth, and then peeled it off so we have this like ghostly remnant of the house.

Or this Chinese artists who cuts his profile out of demolished buildings in Beijing. Or these guys in Detroit who go to abandoned buildings and paint them orange.

Hank, my favorite thing about that project in Detroit is that the color they used to paint the houses orange is a Disney color called Tiggerific Orange. It's Tiggerific! God, I love ruins. They're the rainbows of the future.

Hank, as much as I know you love the Yeti, I know it's probably not going to be possible for you to come and see the show in Mobile, but maybe some Nerdfighters who live in Mobile will have the chance to see it. Link in the sidebar!

The only thing I absolutely have to discuss today is the Nerdfighting Blurbing Bookclub.
(John positions himself in different places in the room)
That's right Hank, it's time to announce the winner of the first ever Nerdfighter Blurbing Book Club.

Can I have a drum roll please? No? No drum roll? Drumrolls are copyrighted? Okay, no drum roll. The winner is... "Marvelous! Ten! There's hell in this non-stop teen jubilee!", which amazingly enough is an anagram of "Maureen Johnson's Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes".
So the Nerdfighter behind that blurb will be receiving special prizes, although Hank, I couldn't quite find out who exactly that Nerdfighter was, but hopefully you know.

Hank, I also have another announcement to make, which is that I have decided without consulting you to declare a second winner in the Nerdfighting Blurbing Book Club! That winner was the runner-up in the vote, who's blurb was "Im in ur Yurups, greevin my aunt, kissin ur doodz."

In fact Hank, I like that LOLBook blurb so much, that I think I'm going to declare that from now on the Nerdfighting Blurbing Book Club will have two contests. One a regular blurbing contest, and one a LOLBook contest.

So for instance, if we were reading Moby Dick together (and by the way, I promise you that we will never read Moby Dick together), the winner might be "Im in ur oceans, pwning ur walez". Or if we were reading Hamlet it might be like "I; in ur Denmarx, feelin ur ofeliaz, failin to make decisionz".

So beginning with the current book Slaughterhouse 5, there will be two competitions. One for a regular blurb, and one for a LOLBook blurb. Feel free to submit both. The deadline for the Slaughterhouse 5 blurb is going to be Wednesday at midnight.

And lastly Hank, I wanted to mention a couple of YouTube shows I really like. The first channel I want to mention is called 'musecast', it's a year-long conversation between five friends trying to break into the entertainment industry. And the second is the Australian vlogger Frezned, who's just brilliant.

Alright Hank, that's all for me today, I've got to go back to looking at ruins. I'll see you at some indeterminate point next week.

(end screen)

Ah actually I wanna do just one more LOLBook. This is exclusively for people who have read one particular William Carlos Williams poem.
"Got u sum plumz, but I ated them, kthxbai"