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Our message on coronavirus so far has been, "don't panic." For the vast majority of individuals, coronavirus is not an existential threat. However, the rapid rate of the virus's spread has the potential to overwhelm our health system and cause a LOT of problems.

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When it comes to coronavirus, we've been sticking to our message of don't panic!  But there is one aspect of this virus where I can tell you that fear is very reasonable; and that's the capacity of our healthcare system to deal with it.  The overall number of infections is much less of a worry than how many of these infections occur at once.  
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If you've been keeping up with our videos on the coronavirus, you'll know that we don't condone panic.  If you can't help but panic, we suggest channeling it into productive behaviors; like handwashing, handwashing, and handwashing, that make a difference.
However, there's one thing for which we suggest at least deep concern; and that's the ability of out healthcare system to sustain a large and sudden imped.  You can see My Concern with this in my most recent piece with the New York Times "Here's the Biggest Thing to Worrry About With Coronavirus" 
An epidemic curve is a chart used to display the occurrence and speed of new disease cases.  It shows the number of cases over time' so during an outbreak you see peaks in the curve. A particularly steep curve is created by a large number of cases in a short period of time.
This is happening in Italy right now and it's utterly overwhelming their healthcare system. Elective surgeries are being cancelled to make way for coronavirus. In some locations, those cases are taking up more than 80% of hospital beds. Doctors from all specialities are being redirected to help deal with the influx of patients. There are more sick patients than there are resources to treat them, which means doctors are being forced into making tough calls on where those resources are allocated.
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