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SourceFed's Happy Dance host Joe Bereta hugged it out with internet boy wonder, Hank Green on this episode of One on One & A plesiosaur stopped by to show how he Didn't Forget To Be Awesome.

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Joe Bereta: Hello everybody, and welcome to "One on One" on SourceFed. I am here with..

Hank Green: Hank Green!

Joe Bereta: We're going to talk about some stuff. Alright, I want to thank you for joining us. Let's make a secret handshake now that we're here.


Joe Bereta: So, tell the audience the history of the Vlogbrothers channel, Brotherhood 2.0, all that stuff. You've got thirty seconds, go.

Hank Green: I was born, and then I had already a brother, so I became a brother in 1980.

Joe Bereta: That's five seconds. 

Hank Green: That's when John also became a brother. And then, twenty or so years later, he was like, "I love lonelygirl and Ze Frank, you should do this project with me!" And so we decided to make a YouTube channel called Vlogbrothers, and for a year, every weekday, we made a video instead of actually talking to each other. And then we decided to keep doing that forever after that year was out.

Joe Bereta: That's thirty seconds, right? Cool. And it just so happened that YouTube was starting and you guys threw it out on there and you gained an audience while doing it. 

Hank Green: Yep.

Joe Bereta: That's crazy.

Hank Green: I mean, it's always been a part of our relationship to make each other laugh and make each other think and that's really rewarding to me when John likes something that I do.

Joe Bereta: So initially it was just about you guys, and then it kind of turned into creating a community.

Joe Bereta: What is a nerdfighter?

Hank Green: A nerdfighter is someone who celebrates intellectualism, and also likes our videos. Mostly someone who likes our videos.

Joe Bereta: So this is the sign?

Hank Green: This is the sign. Yeah. That thing.

Joe Bereta: So my last Vlogbrothers question: What is a happy dance? How does one achieve the highest level of happy dancing? Can we do it?

Hank Green: Happy dance is the dance you do when you're happy.

Joe Bereta: Okay.

Hank Green: You achieve the highest level of happy dance when you are actually so happy you are dancing.

Joe Bereta: Okay.

Hank Green: And you're just like.. Danger.

Joe Bereta: We're going to happy dance at some point in this interview.

Hank Green: Okay, we'll just have to find something to happy dance about.

Joe Bereta: When an answer is so good. Or somebody has a baby over there. We will happy dance during this interview.

Hank Green: Is anybody pregnant?

Joe Bereta: Oh my gosh! Do you know what time it is!?

Hank Green: I don't know, Joe!

Joe Bereta: It's time for..

Hank Green: Twitter Lightening Round!

Joe Bereta: So, we asked a bunch of people online; Twitter and our Facebook, if they could ask you questions.

Hank Green: I retweeted you.

Joe Bereta: I saw that. And I was scared.

Hank Green: You're welcome.

Joe Bereta: Here we go! 

Joe Bereta: "If you could live the life of a fictional character from any book, movie, or video game, whose life would you choose?"

Hank Green: Gandalf?

Joe Bereta: "What did you want to be when you were a child?"

Hank Green: Oceanographer.

Joe Bereta: "If you were a dinosaur, who would you be? I'm guessing long neck."

Hank Green: Plesiosaur.

Joe Bereta: "In light of recent events, how can we be sure you're not a hologram?"

Hank Green: Touch me! Touch me, Joe!

Joe Bereta: Not a hologram! Never touched a hologram, can't be sure.

Joe Bereta: "Wizard, Time Lord or Jedi?"

Hank Green: Time Lord!

Joe Bereta: "Why are you so awesome?"

Joe Bereta: Drop the humble. "Why are you so awesome?"

Hank Green: I'm made of it!

Joe Bereta: Yeah! 

Joe Bereta: "Would you rather be eaten alive by a hippopotamus or a giraffe?"

Hank Green: Hippopotamus.

Joe Bereta: Yep.

Hank Green: Sorry, I spat on your iPad.

Joe Bereta: Not my iPad. I don't care.

Joe Bereta: "What is the internet?"

Hank Green: Tubes.

Joe Bereta: "Did Mr. Green do it in the conservatory with the rope?"

Hank Green: What is "it"?

Joe Bereta: What is doing it?

Hank Green: How do you do it with a rope?

Joe Bereta: Yeah, perverts.

Joe Bereta: "Would you kill baby Hitler?"

Hank Green: Yeah.

Joe Bereta: "Who's going to win the Super Bowl in 2013?"

Hank Green: A sports team.

Joe Bereta: "I am in desperate need of knowing your views on bacon."

Hank Green: Positive.

Joe Bereta: "Dragon vs. Phoenix. Who wins in a fight?"

Hank Green: Dragon. 

Joe Bereta: Hmm, phoenix always comes back, outlasts the dragon. 

Hank Green: But what does a phoenix ever do to a dragon? The phoenix just lights on fire at the slightest provocation, and the dragon is made of fire! Which mythology are you in? Which universe are we in!? The truth resists simplicity, and so does fiction.

Joe Bereta: And that was..

Hank Green: Twitter Lightening Round!

Hank Green: I loved that.

Joe Bereta: Why did we get evil?

Hank Green: We are evil, people just don't know it!

Joe Bereta: So it seems like you are in a new era of creation on YouTube.

Hank Green: Yeah, a little bit.

Joe Bereta: What are your new channels, and what are you doing with them?

Hank Green: So, John and I started two new channels. One of them is Crash Course which is straight up education, like we're teaching AP World History and AP Biology in a way in which people actually seek out education.

Joe Bereta: Are you making learning fun? How dare you!

Hank Green: It's not fun, it's interesting.

Hank Green: And then we have Sci Show, which is a daily news and information from biology, astrophysics, genetics, everything. And you learn stuff!

Joe Bereta: And it's not fun, it's interesting.


Joe Bereta: Let's talk about VidCon!

Hank Green: VidCon!

Joe Bereta: Yeah! Where are we right now?

Hank Green: We are in the Hilton, Anaheim.

Joe Bereta: What will be happening here?

Hank Green: VidCon!

Joe Bereta: What is VidCon?

Hank Green: VidCon is for people who love online video. It's a conference/convention thing. Do you love online video?

Joe Bereta: I love online video!

Hank Green: You should come to VidCon!

Joe Bereta: I'll go to VidCon!

Hank Green: Good because we already comped you a ticket. 

Joe Bereta: Sweet.

Joe Bereta: What occurs at VidCon?

Hank Green: I think of it basically in two different ways. There's the people who make online video, or the people who make online video possible. And we sort of get to define the rules now. And so it's sort of an opportunity to get together and talk about how we're all doing it. And then there's the party. Everybody who loves online video comes and they get to meet the people that they love. Like, people will get to meet you and you will sign autographs.

Joe Bereta: For a price, right, guys? Right?

Hank Green: That is actually explicitly forbidden by the VidCon bylaws, so..

Joe Bereta: We'll talk. We'll talk.

Hank Green: So we went from 1,000 people in the first year, to 3,000 people last year, and we'll have over 5,000 this year. I am not nervous at all.

Joe Bereta: Not at all.

Hank Green: It's like there are all these people who want to come and have a good time. And I'm nervous because I have to meet their expectations and make sure that they do, and I'm excited when I see all the opportunities in which they will. When I look at our schedule, when I look at the convention center, all that stuff's really exciting because I'm like "Oh, wow. This is going to be so much cooler than last year, and everyone loved last year."

Joe Bereta: Are you performing?

Hank Green: Yeah! I'll be up there with my guitar in front of an arena full of people. Pretty awesome.

Joe Bereta: That'll be really cool.

Hank Green: It's really fun once you're up there. The five minutes before you go on stage are the worst moments of my life.

Joe Bereta: You're just like, dying seven times. 

Hank Green: Actually, I pee seven times. In that five minutes. I just have to pee constantly. And then I get up there, and I pee.

Joe Bereta: So what is your favorite part about being in the work space that is the internet? Being able to be creative, and put it on the internet, and that's your job.

Hank Green: I think it's just being able to define everything myself. I get to decide what everything is. Like, what I want to do. And my community and my brother and I just decide.

Joe Bereta: That's kind of what you're doing.

Hank Green: As long as I don't make any content that I don't like, it's good.

Joe Bereta: Where do you think the future of entertainment and content online is going?

Hank Green: It's not about recreating television, because every time we do that we just recreate the bad parts. But the exciting stuff, which is certainly harder than going with an old format, is creating something entirely new that never would have worked with an old way of experiencing entertainment.

Joe Bereta: Awesome. Next step is one of our favorite segments and it's called..

Hank Green: I forgot what it's called!

Joe Bereta: Favorite face off!

Joe Bereta: "Who is your favorite super hero?"

Joe Bereta: Beast is a good one too.

Hank Green: His name is Hank.

Joe Bereta: "What is your favorite song?"

Hank Green: I don't know what that is.

Joe Bereta: I don't know what that is.

Joe Bereta: "Favorite Star Wars character?"

Joe Bereta: "Favorite Saturday morning cartoon show?"

Joe Bereta: "Favorite ice cream flavor?"

Joe Bereta: "Favorite Sega Genesis video game?"

Joe Bereta: "Favorite instrument?"

Joe Bereta: Drum?

Hank Green: Drum.

Joe Bereta: "What is your favorite fake laugh?"

Joe Bereta: Moving on. "Favorite Captain Planet ring of power?"

Joe Bereta: That's it, that's Hank Green. He just spit the truth at everybody. Spit it. Just like that. Anyways, I'm Joe Bereta, this was "One on One" with Hank Green on SourceFed. Thanks a lot.

Hank Green: Thank you. That was fun.

Joe Bereta: Happy dance. Let's do it.