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Back in 2012, we all met for the first time at BrainSTEM - a conference of science YouTubers, instigated by Henry of MinutePhysics (Thank You Henry!!!) bringing together the most awesome STEM personalities from around the world. People like Vsauce, John Green, Vihart, Destin from Smarter Every Day, CGP Grey, Brady Haran of Numberphile et al. I had an awesome three days hanging out with all the cool people in this video and hopefully this is only the start of many fruitful collaborations to come. Thanks everyone!!!

Now this happens to be video 100 for me. It's not really about science, but I think it's pretty awesome because it features all of my YouTube heroes.
Michael: Hey Veritasium, Michael from Vsauce here, and we're gonna ask some important questions. Let's find some random bystanders. How about you.

Derek: Yes.

M: I don't believe you're scientifically literate.

D: OK.

M: If a tomato is a fruit, does that mean ketchup is a smoothie?

John: So can you name any of the cities in the Indus Valley Civilization?

D: Are we talking about, like, Cairo?

J: No. Cairo would not qualify as one of the cities in the Indus Valley Civilization. Cairo! Cairo!

Brady: This is Brady Haran from Periodic Videos. And Sixty Symbols. And Bibledex. And Deep Sky Videos. And Numberphile. And Nottingham Science. And Foodskey. And...

D: Alright, and I'm Derek from Veritasium.

B: What, you've only got one channel?

D: I know.

B: You call yourself a YouTuber?

D: Vi Hart. You want to ask me a question?

Vi: Triangle.

D: Um, that's not a question.

V: Triangle.

D: Um...

J: In what year did the French Revolution begin?

D: 1772?

J: You had, the first two numbers were awesome.

B: We have a Veritasium exclusive right now. We are going to show you the first unauthorized picture of CGP Grey who's standing here right next to me. Here's a question fo... Oh. Hang on. He was here a minute ago.

Henry: OK, so what I was thinking I might have you try to calculate here is some Feynman diagrams in curved space-time but to start off with something a bit easier, I think we should start off with the Christoffel symbol for the Schwarzchild metric. And in case you've forgotten I've written it, I've even written the metric in full.

D: No, I know what, I know what it is.

H: OK, OK. So like, I know.

D: I don't need you to show me.

(Derek draws a sheep and Henry crosses it out)

H: You have something on your face.

V: Triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle. Triangle, triangle, triangle.

D: I am actually quite concerned about what you're doing to my face.

V: Triangle!

CGP Grey: Right, so this is CGP Grey and Veritasium at the BrainSTEM conference here in Canada and it's been a great couple of days. Are you gonna come visit me Derek?

D: Definitely. I've always wanted to visit Great Britain.

CGP: (Sighs)

D: I mean the United Kingdom? England.

CGP: Great.

D: The British Isles.

CGP: Great, yeah. I look forward to it.

D: Going through US customs in, like, an hour.

(Vi laughs)

D: I was expecting, like, a triangle but this is feeling like lots of triangles.

V: Well they're happier in groups.

D: Right.

V: Like, they're like sheep. They get sad and lonely by themselves.

(End slate).

Destin: So we're in the Corolla. I don't, I just met these guys.

H: There's, like, the mega nice farms out there in Wonderland.

Derek: If this car crashes right now, like, all of science on YouTube is going down.