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In which Hank shows off some family video of John...which happens to capture the exact moment when he becomes a writer.


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Hank: Good Morning John it's Friday November 2nd. I'm wearing those glasses because I am in Englewood Florida and Englewood Florida is very much part of old Florida and by that I don't mean that is an old part of Florida. I mean it's one of the parts of Florida where almost everyone is very old. And so I wanted to fit in. But I know that there are some Nerdfighters here and I also know that Nerdfighters always make the most of situations that they're in. Do your best and if you are in Englewood, I have a surprise for you at the end of the video.

Anyway now it's time for me to put in the stuff that I taped this morning back into the video and you may be confused because my hair will be longer and my shirt will be oranger but it was all taped today. Katherine's mom just gave me a haircut.

I'm very confused, I'm not sure which secret sibling you're talking about. When you're saying she's dating a prominent Nerdfighter are you saying like an actor? But they need help with buying train tickets so they're probably not famous but I'm willing to help. But I'm willing to help! 100 dollars, I think that the foundation to decrease world suck can do that.

More importantly John I have something that I need to show you. In fact I need to show everyone. Preferably everyone in the entire world! I'm pretty excited about it. So on Monday I read a book that you wrote called "It Just isn't Fair" and I recently discover that that book was a recipient of the Orange County's public schools Young Author's Award. And what that means is that you got to go to a special little conference with a bunch of special little kids and it also means that dad was there, with the video camera.

These are the two winner from Audubon Park Elementary School. Some little girl with a book about her bird and John Green who apparently was told to smile and took it a little too seriously. And then all the kids got together in writers groups and they read each other their books. Here's a little exerpt. 

Younger John: I asked him where his father was. He said one word, "dead". That was the most stunning moment of my life. I stood there for 5 mins. I though we would burst into tears. Instead he just said, "my mourn days are over."

Hank: Now I want everyone to watch closely here. John's teacher asks a question.

John's Teacher: Why did you like it?

Hank: And then there is a long pause. [pause] And then a little girl speaks. I want everyone to keep their eyes on John's face while the little girl speaks and after the little girl speaks.

Little Girl: It seemed kinda like real life.

Hank: It was that moment. [replays clip] He felt it. The muse entered John Green and it has not left since! He felt the little 8 year old version of the ecstasy that you can get from being appreciated for something that you create. And that little girl saying that she liked it and it seemed kinda like real life is the reason John Green is a writer today. John I am proud of you and your adorable little face. But now you all know you've seen it, the moment when it happened, the moment! Amazing that it was captured on film, amazing.

Little Girl: It seemed kinda like real life.

Hank: John, I'll see you tomorrow.

Hmm... Blind Pass Park in Englewood Florida, I wonder what could be under this rock.