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In which many goals are scored and John sings a little.
Um, and... Oh! Oh! It's true! My dreams have come true! John Green! Bald John Green! Bald John Green! It happened!

I do think it's... Oh, oh, oh. It has to be! And it is! It's Dicko! No, it's Deeney!

I find that really interesting because... Oh! Oh! You know what I find interesting!? Being up two-nil to Manchester United!

Just kind of running out the clock on my existence. Oh! It's a beautiful goal! It's a beautiful goal from Juan Maresca! His first goal as a Wimbly Wombly! And look at him! Oh, he kisses the ground of his beloved Plow Lane!

I get the, I get that a little bit. Oh! It has to be and it is! It's John Green!

I quite like adulthood. And I don't like adulthood, I mean I know that's like... People will be like "Oh, well yeah, you know, you've got this, like, great adulthood and you get, you have the job of your dreams and you're a semi-professional FIFA player and you get to sponsor the greatest club in the history of the world, AFC Wimbledon." And, like, that's all true, like I have had an unusually awesome adulthood.

Oh that's a pretty great penalty by Francombstein! Yeah!
"He did the Mash
He did the Monster Mash!"
Just kidding, he's a physician. Francombstein, he's a doctor who made a monster, not the monster itself. It was a beautiful goal.

I can definitely relate. I mean, I think she was partly kidding. Oho! Deeney!

Considerably cheaper than gas, even if you have a Prius. Oh! Deeney!

Cone on boys! Get it! Oh! It's off the goda... And it's Hells Pells! Hells Pells!

And then it's a nice one-timer! Oh! And we did win the game!

Block the shot! Nerds! Off the post! Oh, and then we passed it out of the box just like we like to and then off the post again! Then we're going to pass it out of the box again because that's who we are as a club.

Um, I know a lot about what's really important to me. Like one thing that's really important to me is when Jagie-lightning-strike-lightning-strike-o scores a goal and honors Bald John Green.

Ah, I mean I don't know. I'm old fashioned. I bel... Oh! John Green!

Dicko with the cross into Bald John Green! Bald John Green with the goal! And it's a game winning goal in the 89th minute!
"Bald John Green, John Green
He gives it all for the team
Upon his mustache we're keen
Bald John Green, John Green." that tries - Oh, it's a great ball! Oh God! They love each other!

She was very excited to meet me. Oh! Off the post! And it's in immediately!

But we've got a great defense, you know. We've got, we've got Callum Kennedy back there with his hideous hair. It also means that Callum Kennedy makes fewer runs up the wings which is nice 'cause that means I have to look at his face less. Actually, that's not fair. He has a beautiful face. It's his hair that bothers me so much.

Would you describe me as sweet and vulnerable or intelligent? Look up 'cause I just scored another goal.

Gossip Girl character? Blair! Blair! Blair!

It's allowed me to do it instead. Oh my God! Two goals in, like, two minutes. John Green get on the... Yes, kiss the ground.

"He scores a goal and the fans go wild
And we just can't seem to get enough
Anyway, thanks for coming to the video today. New comers to the Wimbly Womblys are like "What is going on!?" whereas long time fans are like "Oh yeah, this is par for the course."