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In which many goals are scored.
You know, whether or not... Oh! It's got to be and it is! It is! It's John Green!

Oh! Oh! Yes! Bald John Green! Show it to me!

...remember now, Meredith, his catchphrase. Oho! Sweet holy Jesus! It's Other John Green and it's a beauty!

I can't believe you've never seen the movie Die Hard, Meredith. That's weird. Did you ever see Die Hard 4? Oh! Bald John Green!

Oh! Oh my God! Is it my birthday!?

The answer in most cases to "Why is my dog throwing up?" is because that's what dogs do.

Oh, I said it. Whoops. Gaulden Child! Oh my God! It's a beautiful night in Bethlehem!

Oh! Oh! The kid can dance! And he can shoot! Holy snood!

Come on! You can do it! You did it! You did it! Oh! Jagie-lightning-strike-lightning-strike-o!

Ohoh! John Green! John Green! John Green! John Green! Oh, look at that. He's so handsome and he gets hugged by his beloved husband.

First time! Oh! Oh! It's a goal! It's John Green!

Alice in Wonderland. To me it's just OK. It's more like Alice in Nyeh-land, you know.

And he's open! And he finishes! Bald John Green with an insane run!

That's a good ball. Oh! It's a fantastic finish from Deeney!

...Apted film, the guy who did - Oh! It's a great opportunity! And it it's a goal! It's a goal!

Shoot. Oh! It's a goal! Oh! Less Moore!

Go! Oh! Oh! It's John McClean! Yippee-ki-yay, mother curse words!

Oh, I love the way that we're playing, though. It's open, it's free, it's loving. Oh, it's like the sixties, you know what I mean? It's like Crosby, Stills & Nash are playing at Woodstock and I don't even know what's gonna happen.

This is there identity and, like, what are they gonna do now? Oh! 
"A Wimbly Wombly scored a goal
And Dicko was his name-o
And Dicko was his name-o"
It's a wonderful moment for the Wimbly Womblys!

He's a penalty saver, but is he... That's not a lot of green for me to work with but it's enough. Seb Brown! Oh! Look how delighted he is! Seb Brown!

And now, now! Bald John Green! Bald John Green!

And shoot! It's a goal!

That's a beautiful ball. Husband to husband! Oh! And it's beautifully finished!

Daniel Craig, like, takes off his shirt and it looks like he's been through some things, you know what I mean? It looks like he's had a life.

Run to the ball! Finish! Yes! We're back in the game! It's Correa! Correa! Correa!

I was way, way too... Oh! Oh! Correa Correa!

Right there, suddenly John Green's on the ball. He takes one touch and it's a beautiful goal! It's a beautiful goal!

Get the ball in the box. Doh!

Get the ball Dicko! Get the ball Dicko! Dicko!

Oh no! It's typical Chelsea! Oh! It's a huge, huge save! I don't know who did it but it's some, some great Wimbly Wombly hero! Oh, he will never be forgotten in the annals of our history even though I have no idea who it was!