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Wait am I live? Oh, I'm on? You can see me? Good morning! (Laughs) I thought that was only for the benefit of Rosianna.

Good morning! Welcome to is it's it's still day one of the Project for Awesome.  I'm wearing my AFC Wimbledon jersey, um, repping the lovely folks at AFC Wimbledon a club owned by its fans technically a non-profit organization I don't know maybe they will get some of the money this year from the Project for Awesome probably not.

Uhhh yeah.  Let me uh so everybody's going to yeah ? tweet out the link itself etc. Alright. Just communicating behind the scenes of the Skype chat.  Let me bring you up to date on where we are. If anyone can even see me, can people see me? Can people see me inside the box on the YouTubes?  I don't know.

Tired.  Didn't sleep that great.  Kept waking up checking the progress of the project for awesome.  Um, wooh!  But um yeah everything is good everything is awesome (sings) everything is awesome. everything is cool when you're part of the team.  everything is awesome when you're living your dream. *ends singing* 

When I go to the livestream it's still Rosianna and Emily and Charlie.  Maybe you can't see me.  Whatever.  Hi, if you can!.  We've raised 271,000 dollars by the project for awesome Indiegogo but because of matching donations it will continue until noon today. Noon today.  Noon today.  The end of the first day of the P4A.

We've raised in total 682,431 dollars.  That means that's pretty great.  682431 that's just amazing when you think about it.  That's a lot of money for Save the Children and Partner's in Health.  Two organizations that are doing amazing work around the world.  (2:10)

So we're going to watch some videos this morning. So we're going to feature some videos together.

We're going to talk about life. We're going to be in the comments. I'm gonna do stuff that you want me to do: dances... I don't know what you guys want me to do. Yeah, we'll do some hanging out.

Are you guys tired? You must be tired. And I can't be the only one who's tired. Thank you for the, uh... Okay, so you can see me apparently. So hi. Good morning. Good morning. Yay! Look at that handsome lad. He looks a little bit road-harden, put away. But good morning! Good morning to the 215 of you who have already found the new live stream.

Thank you for being part of the Project for Awesome, for watching the live stream, for sharing videos, for watching the live project for awesome  videos. Of course, thanks to those of you who have donated as well or convinced their family members to donate. We're going to watch a few perks this morning. We're going to remove some and then launch some others. That's my understanding anyway. Umm... almost all of Hanks shirts have sold. You can own one of Hank's shirts. Um, from Vlogbrothers videos or CrashCourse or SciShow... they come with a nice signed certificate of authenticity. And this morning, we are going to share some of my soccer shirts. Uh, some of my soccer jerseys. Umm...

So, um, but more on that in a moment. For the moment, let's uh, let's see if we can get a new video featured, so we can talk to each other in comments and I can know how your morning is going.

I um... hold on. Trying to figure out- yeah, alright. Yeah, so (tongue noises) (sings:) Good morning, good morning! Uh, lots of people want me to do sharpie face, but it's too soon, it's too soon. Maybe we could do sharpie face, uh, sharpie face is my favorite face, although peanut butter face and jelly face last night was pretty special, my wife played the role of jelly, I played the role of peanut butter, and then we had banana eyes and we kissed, it was magical. Um, it was the weirdest kiss of my life, for sure... well, no, not really. It certainly wasn't the most uncomfortable kiss of my life, (? ~5:05) feel very comfortable with Sarah. You know, if you've got to peanut butter and jelly kiss somebody, it should be somebody you love and know very well.

But yeah, I'll do some sharpie face late. If we get to some goals. If we raise some money. Um, so there's a link in the dooblydoo. Uh, I know everybody who's watching right now knows this, but there is a link in the dooblydoo that takes you to the Indiegogo where you can donate. You can get lots of amazing perks.

Um, uh. Hold on. Yep. Yep. of jelly. Um, okay, we've got a new featured video, so we can talk about the perks and other things in the comments of that featured video.

So here's what you do. In the dooblydoo, you can click on a link that will take you to the latest featured video. It is the second link, the one that says "we are commenting and watching this video". Um. So you go right there. And uh, we'll click on that, and then we've got a new video.

Oh, this person seem cool. 279 subscribers. Flannel Taylor. I like flannels. I'm wearing flannel pants right now.

And then I'm going to get my trusty headphones that still have a little bit of peanut butter on them. And, I'm going to listen to the video, it's 2 minutes and 49 second long. Let's watch the video together.

Um, I guess I should wait a minute for all the people who are coming in from the twitter. (sings:) Good morning, good morning! Unless it is afternoon for you because you live in Europe, or evening for you because you live in Australia or Asia, or sort of like late afternoon for you if you live in West Africa or in Europe. I guess it could be anytime. That's how the earth works. It's always sometime somewhere. So, so, good day. Or night. Hello! Greetings, friend. Um, thank you for being part of the Project for Awesome. This is the Project for Awesome livestream. Every year we have a 48- hour fundraiser where we become very tired and occasionally cover our faces in peanut butter and/or jelly. We raise money for charity, there's a link in the dooblydoo that can take you to the Indiegogo. Right now we're raising money for Save the Children and Partners in Health, two amazing organizations that do great work around the world to address the challenges of poverty and disease, especially among children and mothers, so check it out. Nothing against dudes, but, eh, they have some built-in advantages.

So yeah, check it out. And consider donating. You can get some pretty fantastic perks um, from this book, An Imperial Affliction, that I wrote, sort of, because it's only 5 page long, it's the same 5 pages repeated hundreds of times. Um, for, it's the movie, it's the movie prop from The Fault in Our Stars movie. But, this is the only way you can ever get it, if you're a Fault in Our Stars movie fan, this is like a piece of the movie that you can only get via the Project for Awesome.

We also have Project for Awesome exclusive edition of my book The Fault on Our Stars, it's a very shiny, green cover, and a nice letter to you guys on the back of it that's got a bunch of jokes in it about what you can do with this book. Um, but it's very shiny and green and makes a great present. I don't know if it'll arrive in time for the holidays, but you can always, you know, put a little note under the tree that say, "I got you a very shiny green, it  has some glitter in it, cover of The Fault in Our Stars, that also will never exist anywhere else", so it's a nice little limited edition gift for a friend.

You can also get one of those signed. Um, for you, if you want, I think there's still some signed ones left. I talked to big game. But... yeah. AND, if you go to the Indiegogo right now, um, yeah, there's still some left. So you can get a signed copy of The Fault in Our Stars, the Project for Awesome edition.

Also, if you go right now to the Indiegogo, there is a new perk, a featured perk, my World Cup jerseys slash t-shirts. You may remember that I auctioned off my support in the World Cup for charity, specifically for the Sarcoma Foundation. Sarcoma is the kind of cancer that Augustus Waters has in the book. It's also the kind of cancer that several people I know in real life have. It strikes mostly young people, it takes uh, it's brutal, the treatment is brutal, it's very difficult, anyway.

We um, we raised about $100,00 for the Sarcoma Foundation via this crazy World Cup fundraiser, where you guys got to decide with your donations to the Sarcoma Foundation which of the teams in the World Cup I would support in each game. (10:02)