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'14 Project for Awesome DAY 2!

Uh, I had a couple of hours away from you guys. I missed you so much that  I had to come back.

So yeah, we're back live at the beginning of Day 2 of the Project For Awesome. It's just the beginning of day two. We're just 2 hours in. 22 hours left in this year's P For A. Very excited to be back, a little tired. But mostly good. We're back!

We're gonna feature some more videos. We're going to host, uh, we got some guests coming on in the next couple hours. We've got Indiegogo is at 374 thousand dollars.

But Sarah... So here's the deal... She's gonna weigh it all on the line. Rosianna, can you tweet? Here's the deal. While I was hosting, Willie got out. He got out of the house and then he got of the area near the house in our yard that he is allowed to be in. And we didn't find him for two hours. This actually happened for the 2007/2008 Project for Awesome as well, weirdly. And yeah, I don't know why he chooses the Project for Awesome to do this.  But it was a little scary and we couldn't find our dog. And he's this little white dog and he's very cute. We couldn't' find him anywhere and then he just came back to the house at 1:45. I don't know where he went when he was gone. But it was poopy there. He smells INTENSELY, INTENSELY, INTENSELY of poop. He smells more like poop than poop does. He's like a 20 lb ball of poop. He's grey, so I think he was under some under some automobiles. I can't be within 50 feet of him without smelling poop. So Sarah and I were discussing who would do the honor of bathing Willie. We decided to leave it up to you guys. If we raise ten thousand dollars in the next hour, I'm bathing Willie. If we don't, Sarah's bathing Willie. So I'm both for us raising money and against us. I don't particularly want to be around that poopy dog. But, poop! We'll see what happens. That was a streamer. I love a good party popper. Let's try one more. It's a P for A tradition.  If we raise 384 thousand dollars by 3:07 PM eastern time then I would wash Willie, and if not, and then you guys would also get to see me wash Willie, which will be disgusting, so I'm sure that's something that you would enjoy.

If you're watching the livestream right now, there is a link, there are 2 links in the dooblydoo, one is to the featured video, where I will be reading some of your comments and answering those comments, another is to the Indiegogo, where we are raising money. So if you want to donate to try to get me to clean Willie's poop, now is probably the time, I guess. Uh, yeah. I'm gonna do that if people, enough people donate and we raise $10,000 in the next hour. If not, it's Sarah's problem. Hooray.

Um, let me tell you some of the stuff we can get. You might have just met Kemosabe, the amazing prehensile-tailed porcupine who's a star of the show Animal Wonders, YouTube show Animal Wonders. Jessie from Animal Wonders has painted a lovely portrait of Kemosabe, and you can get that for $175, there's only one of those, so if you want it, get it now. (4:19)