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Sarah: Alright!
Hank: There's Sarah, over there... and Valerie's over here.
John: How's everything in the SciShow office these days?
H: We're live! Hello, welcome to the Project for Awesome livestream, I'm Hank Green and that's my brother John and my sister Sarah.
J: I'm John Green, this is my wife Sarah.
S: We, uh, we're in our basement... I don't know if you've ever seen this...
J: I don't know if you've ever seen this background, but yeah, it's our basement.
H: (laughs)
J: Um, Hank, uh, can we get a quick update at where we are in the 2014 Project for Awesome relative to, uh, our goals and dreams?
H: Yes. We are doing very well. We've raised almost four hundred and seventy thousand dollars on the indiegogo, which means that we're about thirty thousand dollars away from a million dollars total.
S: Wow.
J: Wow.
H: Whenever we have a break in the livestream, the donations per minute just skyrocket because people are like, "Oh, I don't know what else to do right now, I guess I should check out all those great things they've been talking about.
J: (makes noises of understanding, sounds a bit like a cow)
S: Oh.
J: So you're saying we should stop live-streaming and just let the perks...
H: Yes, in fact, we should probably just sit here silently.
J: Yes, and just be like, "We're not talking to you until there's a million dollars raised!"
S: (laughs) (1:05)
H: (delayed laugh) See, the bonus will be, if you, if you, uh, so I also said, I said to the world that I would wax my left arm.
J: What who?
S: Ooooh.
H: If we got to a million dollars before seven o'clock my time, which is twenty minutes from now, so it's probably not going to happen.
S: Well, but I don't... I mean, I don't...
J: Don't you mean eight o'clock  -- didn't you mean eight o'clock your time, to be fair.
H: No, I meant seven o'clock my time.
J: Mmm, I seem to remember that you meant eight o'clock your time. Or else that you live in Los Angeles. One or the other, I can't remember which you said.
(Hank laughs)
S: I mean, I don't think waxing your arm hair is really going to be that painful.
J: Yeah, I don't even think you're going to mind it. I think you're going to kind of like it.
H: Well, there's also, like, the whole process of it growing back...
S: Right.
H:... I was talking to Felicia Day --
(John coughs)
H: -- and she said, she said that what I had to look forward to were lots of ingrown hairs, little red bumps...
J: Oh. Oh.
H: -- and general, uh, general, like, uh, discomfort.
J: Oh.
S: Well, I think if you exfoliate the area...
H: Right. Right, which I will not do.
J: Yeah, I -- Hank's not going to exfoliate the area. Someone quickly give twenty thousand dollars so that Hank has to, uh --
H: experience --
J: -- has to, um, experience --
H: -- red bumps.
J: Has to, has to wax his arm. I'd like to see him wax his arm, please.
(Sarah laughs) (2:16)
J: Um, we've raised nine hundred and seventy nine thousand, four hundred and two dollars, um, let's go through some of the perks that you can get if you're in the next eighteen minutes, so, a bunch of things have sold out and they've been removed and whatever --
S: You know what I continue to think is very funny?
J: What?
S: The fact that you've never been asked to participate in our local NPR, um...
J: I know, I'd be so good at it!
S: ... fundraising drive.
J: Nobody! Nobody can run a pledge drive like Hank and I can.
S: I know!
(Hank laughs)
S: Asleep.
J: There are still sixteen, uh, signed Imperial Afflictions available --
H: Ooh!
J: -- I only signed a hundred of them, they're three hundred and fifty dollars a piece, so if you want to make a huge donation to the Project for Awesome, all of your money will go to charity, uh, it's also tax-deductible.
S: Wow.
J: Yup, your donations to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck are tax-deductible; it has the name World Suck in it but it's a real charity. Um...
H: (muffled noise) When we go to the bank, to, uh...
J: Uhh, every time.
H: They -- they're like (stares blankly)
S: Oh, thirty-seven two-hundred-dollar pieces I've sold?
J: Yup, you've sold thirty seven two-hundred dollar pieces, so you can also, you can also get Sarah right here, uh, Sarah will make you art using Sofia Pick (?), the Cambodian artist,'s imprint method, that he talked about in his episode of the Art Assignment.
S: Yes, which is: select an interesting object, or an object that you find interesting, cut it in half, dip it in paint, and... uh, press it repeatedly to a piece of paper.
J: It's going to be beautiful, very suitable for framing.
S: It is. It's going to be -- it's going to be pretty. I'm going to make it nice. (3:39)
J: Speaking about -- speaking about cool, original art, you can get art by MinutePhysics that was in episodes of MinutePhysics by Henry Reich, yeah, that'd be pretty cool, that was -- thanks to Henry for donating that. Hank, uh, what are your favorite perks at the moment? Also, if you donate six dollars, you can see a video of Hank and I doing a dance-off to Taylor Swift's, um, Shake it Off.
H: I added a new perk, that, uh, I've sold eleven perks that are picking the song that I'm going to cover on my Project for Awesome cover album, which you can get for ten dollars. All of the, all of the covers have been picked... uh, they've been claimed. People have not decided yet.
S: Aaah.
H: Valerie got one of them, and she... she's thinking about it.
(Jumbled talking on top of each other)
H: But for ten dollars you can get that now.
S: What are you considering, Valerie (4:29)
H: Yeah, what are some of your thoughts?
Valerie: I have no idea
J: I would pick -- I would pick a They Might be Giants song if I were you.
S: I'd pick something from Grease 2.
J: Ooh! Great film. Under-appreciated.
H: Something from Grease 2?
J: Yeah.
H: I know all of the songs from Grease 2. I would really appreciate it if someone picked something from Grease 2.
J: Yeah, Hank and I watched Grease 2 like 5 million times growing up.
H: That wasn't quite the (?)
S: Maybe that's why we're compatible.
J: Maybe that's why we love each other, is because of Grease 2.
S: Yeah.
J: One of the greatest films in American history.
S: You're a cool rider.
J: I am a cool rider. I've always given off that vibe.
S: Yeah. (4:59)
J: Oh, no! I'm the English guy who's incredibly hot but inexplicably not popular.