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FreeMonkey tours Missoula and the worldsuck levels are decreased to suck-level yellow. Thank you so much to everyone who was able to give to Randy's family.


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Good morning, John, it's Friday May 25th. FreeMonkey and I are about to go on the town. (shot of FreeMonkey with cat) This is what FreeMonkey has mostly been doing since he's been here. He's become kind of friends with the cat. I just put him there and she goes up and they sit together. FreeMonkey! (Shot of FreeMonkey on bridge) But now FreeMonkey's goin' out on the town! We're gonna stop by a couple of places, and then we're gonna hike up to the M. This is where we're goin', buddy (shot of large M on mountain). First stop: Missoula's carousel at Caras Park. He looks pretty secure on there. (FreeMonkey has the buckle wrapped around him, shot of Buckle Up! It's the Law! sign) announcer: FreeMonkey is riding on (unintelligible) Everyone make their very best monkey noise, if you would, to get this ride started. (group makes monkey noises) Hold on tight everybody! (carousel runs) (at park) Little boy: Are you swinging that? It's my monkey, he's taking a swing. Now FreeMonkey and I are getting a haircut. (FreeMonkey getting shampooed) It's my friend Maureen's monkey, and she is publishing a book, and he's going on tour before her book. Woman: So am I gonna be in the tour? Umm, yes, your hands will be anyways. Woman (snipping): Actually there is a couple of little hairs... There's a couple little hairs? Woman: yeah. Woman off camera: what the heck are you guys doing? Woman: (laughs) I'm gonna be on the book tour! (brushes off FreeMonkey) Aaah! And then FreeMonkey and I achieved our goal, we hiked and hiked and hiked until we got to Missoula, Montana's M. And then FreeMonkey sat and gazed upon the city of Missoula. (inside) Where will FreeMonkey go next? And here's my haircut! Puff levels are lower. It was a fun day. In celebration of FreeMonkey's excellent day today and all of John's Holland happy dances, and also because the period of collection for Randy's family has ended, The World Suck Index has decreased to Suck Level: Yellow- Merely elevated. It's a great day in the history of World Suck, the first time that the World Suck Meter has ever been at anything besides Severe. It's kind of hard to celebrate when a period of mourning ends. Like, nobody celebrates when the flag goes up from half mast after a national disaster. Yay, we don't have to mourn any more! You can't really celebrate that. Thinkin' about that got me thinkin' about the period of time after a president's death when we all have the flags at half mast and we mourn. Thinkin' about that got me thinking about how weird that is gonna be when I'm mourning the death of George Bush. Thinkin' about that made me realize that since I am so much younger than George Bush, chances are I will live to see the day when he dies. Thinkin' about that actually kinda made me a little happy. And at first thinkin' about that kinda made me a little bit ashamed, but then I realized that it's not because he'd be dead or because someone would be dying or because I want him to die, because a part of me suddenly realized that there's a lot of future yet to come. And that I'm gonna be around to see a lot of that future. Thinkin' about that actually kinda made me pretty hopeful. I'll see you on Monday.