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In which John goes to Rotterdam and does some happy dances. And sees how others happy dance.


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A Bunny
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Dutch students: Goedemorgen Hank!

Woman: Goedemorgen Hank. Alles goed?

(John on square that plays music, happy dancing. The Yeti giggles) Hank it's been such a long day that I have to talk to you about it here in the car at night with the crazy light on that makes me look like I'm a serial killer. First I visited with kids at this school. Hank can you imagine if, like, a Spanish language or French language author showed up in an American high school and started talking to them in Spanish or French? And yet these kids were quite attentive. Some of them, it must be said, seem to speak English better than I do.

Then I got my picture taken, and I stood on this sign (I Amsterdam sign) which was really scary cause I'm afraid of heights even if the height is only four feet.

The Yeti: why don't you stand up, John, I think it'll be easier.

I'm not gonna stand up, are you crazy?

Hank you wanna know something interesting about the Netherlands? It's easy to tell who the German tourists are (shot of people in camo) They're always wearing camo pants! Even the babies! Hank I tried to film these windmills for you but a gasoline truck got in the way.

(shot of fried ball) Hank this is a bitterball (laughter) And this is mustard. Everyone at the cafe finds this very funny. I am now going to eat a bitterball (woman off camera: with mustard) with mustard. All right? (eats) It's delicious. You know what it tastes like? It tastes like if you took meat, and flour, and hope and you fried it.

Then I did my happy dance man, I love doing my happy dance (happy dance) Hank, my happy dance is huge in the Netherlands, it's so huge that later, when I went to Rotterdam, pictured here, people in my Dutch publisher- the best publisher in all of Holland- were like Hey, can you do your happy dance outside the restaurant where we're taking you out to dinner?

(outside restaurant) Hank, the people at Lemniscaat have asked to see my happy dance and I never turn down a request from my Dutch publisher, so here it is! (dances, applause and laughter) The police stopped, because I think- I think they were trying to figure out if that was illegal. (people try happy dances, more laughing)

Hank the Yeti's response to your brilliant song will have to wait until Monday. I'll see you tomorrow.