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Super Smash Brothers Wii U Tournament: Today Hank Green starts round two of his Super Smash Bros Turny with his friends! Today we have Katelyn and Matthew!
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Game Played:

(0:00) Hello, welcome to Games With Hank! I'm Hank, this is games with me, and today we are continuing our Super Smash Bros. tournament with my buds here at the office of, uh, Games With Hank studios.

(0:10) We have, today, playing, Katelyn! How ya doing, Katelyn?

Katelyn: Um, I'm feeling pretty good.

Hank: Feeling confident?

Ka: Yeah...?

HG: Why, is it because of how bad this guy sucks? This is Matthew Gaydos, how's it going? How are you feeling?

Matthew: Not confident... at all.

HG: Not confident. Is it- you're wearing your lucky hat!

MG: I am.

HG: (to Katelyn) You're not using your lucky controller!

Ka: I'm not. Because I'm that confident.

(Chorus of impressed noises)

(0:34) HG: She'll bust that out in later rounds.

 Round 1

: Whooa

HG: Whoa that was close!
MG: It's too small a level for my motorcycle! It's too small why am I falling?!

HG: Alright! Well, you did a little bit of damage to Kirby, that's good.

MG: The thing is, I've been using that other controller. This is a much smaller controller, I don't like it at all.

HG: Kirby's going to town right now.

Ka: What is that? What happened?

HG: I don't know, some kind of little bee attacked you. You just created a person.

Ka: Oh, OH, yeah, you just fight him for a while.

HG: Grab that thing! Throw it at 'em!

HG: Ooh! Star wand! Star wand! Who's gonna get the- Katelyn got the star wand! What a surprise. It's a shocker.

Ka: No! I lost the star wand!

HG: But you earned a Pokemon. Pokéball! there's a pokéball on the screen no one's paying any attention. Wario waddles over to it and WHAM Katelyn gets it right in the face.

(1:47) Everyone: Ooooh!

HG: You gotta know that's gonna happen. 

Ka: Don't throw that box at me!

(Chorus of excited shouting)

MG: Oh no! What was that? What was that!?

HG: Katelyn kicking your butt, that's what that was. Oh pretty!

Ka: Who wants some star waaaand

HG: Somebody's made out of ice!

HG: It's facing the wrong direction.

HG: Whoa! Matthew Gaydos does not have a good game.

MG: If you look at the buttons on that controller, they're in very different places than this controller.

HG: Do you want to switch controllers?

MG: I would like that controller again.

HG: Ok, we're gonna switch.

MG: Y and X are in completely different locations. 

 Round 2 (2:40)

HG: This is a big level. I didn't pick anything. Alright this is gonna be maybe a long-

Ka: Lalalalalala~

HG: Ooooh. First blood drawn by Metaknight. Second blood drawn by Kirby.

MG: What happened over there?

HG: I bought a giant present.

MG: The camera got way wider.

Ka: Soooo. It's soooo big. Where are you going?

HG: Going to get the present. He wants the present. No presents for you Metaknight. Well you got quite a sword on you. 

MG: Thank you.

HG: It's like you're a unicorn Kirby. Narwhale.

MG: Wow, that's a big sword.

Ka: You have a big sword, sir. I also have a sword.

HG: You do also have a sword, it's less big and a little bit more fancy. 

Ka: Oh it's gonna-. That thing is moving. Why are there no items? I want an item.