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Kerbal Space Program, Part 7: Today Hank Green goes into space again and tries not to relive the horrors of part 6!
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Just like this...

*gasp* NOOOOOO Hahaha I pushed the wrong button. Oh crap monkey. I can't believe I did that. Alright, well we're gonna cut now.

Alright you guys, now we're back in space. Even better orbit. So our apoapsis, which is the highest point of our orbit is about 300,000 meters and our lowest point is about 100,000 meters. That's way wonkier than I would've expected, but uh, yeah.

So our goal here... so I think this is Minmus and this is the Mun, or the moon. And uh, Minmus is a much smaller satellite of Kerbin. The Mun is the one that you see in the sky. And it's sort of, I don't know if it's a slightly sexier target. And the Mun has-- and Minmus has, its orbital plane is shifted around the planet.

So we are now really stable in our orbit. What we can do is just uh, so you click on the orbit, and you add a maneuver, and you push your-- well you should probably-- well no, it doesn't matter. And then we push this out. So this is is just, at this point, we push our engines super hard and that elongates one side of the orbit. We can actually move it... no, that's the wrong thing. We can move this by clicking and dragging it, and you can see that if we are doing it...

Let's zoom out here....

If we're doing it at the lowest point of our orbit, we actually get more benefit, we actually like move further out from the planet than at the highest point. So if we do it here we will need to burn less fuel to get out an intersect with the Mun. And as luck would have it, this is just a complete chance, if we do it at the most efficient point, we are going to run into our satellite, into the Mun of the planet Kerbin.

So you can see the orbit gets really wonky there, if we move this over, we can see that like we're not running into the moon, we're not running into the moon, but here, uh... right there we run into it, nice and smooth. So actually there's a fairly large bit of this orbit that we would actually run into the moon at. So yeah.

We can see how much we can drag this down and still run into it and that looks like about it. About it. A little more. There we go.

Right now if I just did this, and I did the exact burn that this maneuver was, I would hit the Mun, I would do a little whipply-doo around it, and then I would go back into orbit around Kerbin. But when we get there, we're actually gonna change our orbit slightly.

Now a little part of me wants to see... I don't know if I have enough delta v for this, but if I go out to try to meet Minmus, could I make that happen? Minmus is a little harder to hit because it's, it's... but it's easier to get to and get back from because it's so small, its gravity well is very small. So there's a little bit of appeal to try and hit Minmus instead of the Mun. But, we're not gonna do it.

And... okay. Oh, come back. Come back. And, there we go. Okay. So. I just need to do that burn at that point, so we gotta get around to that point. So we're gonna fast forward... wheeeee! Going 'round the planet!

That's actually... let's watch some of this. Here we are, here's our little thing. Here's the milky way that this planet exists around, and then we have the sunrise, our little Kerbin sunrise here. And yeah. So uh let's go back to here. We got ten minutes to burn. I have no idea how long this burn is doing to take. But let's start it at like two minutes.

Okay, five minutes... Alright, so now we're back at normal speed, we see that the Mun arising. Gonna get our little cursor there, and then we're just basically pointing ourselves right at it and we're gonna push ourselves. We need 6-700 meters per second of delta v. This is right now expanding our orbit like crazy. I hope.

Yep. So our apoapsis increasing. Increasing increasing increasing increasing. We could speed this up but, but oh actually I can't speed this up because I'm currently burning. Am I basically-- I'm basically pointed right at that sucker. I guess that's the idea. I've got a hundred and fifty or so. We're gonna be able to get back! I think we're going to have plenty delta v to get back home, as long as I don't try to land, which I totally will.

If there's an opportunity to kill Bartfous Kerman, let's be honest, I'm gonna kill Bartfous Kerman. That's just, uh, that's who I am. I'm a Kerbal murderer.

Looks like we're gonna have our Mun encounter out there. So we have... our orbit is not the one we had planned exactly, but it is going to work for us. We are no longer firing our engines, we are traveling right along this nice little path. If we actually get out here, we can adjust our orbit a little bit to see if we can get more into ... Actually let's just do that now. Let's add a maneuver. Oh, we've got too many maneuvers you guys. Let's kill this one.

Uh yeah, sure, that looks good. Let's zoom out to there. Wheee. So now we are fast forwarding. If we go to our staging here, we can see that we're leaving the planet behind, terrifying as that may seem. And we've got sixteen minutes till our burn point. We're gonna orient ourselves-- are we going to orient ourselves? Orient ourselves so that we can, yep, get right to our, the place where we want to burn at.

And yeah. So let's just burn it. And it's just rockin' on down. That's the nice thing about orbits, man, you don't need a lot. You do not need a lot.

Alright, let's go back to our orbit map here and see... oh yeah, that looks great. Okay, let's just zoom our way out-- careful, don't go too fast, you don't wanna miss the Mun. Everybody hates it when you miss the Mun.

Let's just go... we're going to add a maneuver. Oh, nope, everything's terrible when you add too many maneuvers. Nope, don't add a maneuver. Remove a maneuver. Okay that's better.

Alright, we're going to add a maneuver here. We're gonna try and... what are we doing? Undo, undo, I don't know what I'm doing here guys, obviously. I just want to get in orbit around the Mun you guys. I haven't done this before, obviously. I could do like a gravity assist slingshot thing, that's gonna shoot me where even? Just into orbit around--

Ooh, what are these? Unknown object, oooh, Class C meteor. That is interesting. Alright. Oh god it's getting worse and worse. This maneuver is now a complete disaster and I can't delete it. Oh man. How do you delete a maneuver? Yeah look at this maneuver, it's a lot of delta v you guys.

So we're pretty close to the Mun here. There it is. Um, I'd like to get an orbit around it but I don't know how. I guess you just try to slow down? Just point yourself at it? I don't know. Who knows?

Okay, let's see if we can get rid of this maneuver. There it is, yeah. Okay. So once we are-- okay, let's just figure this out. Okay, I've got a maneuver now that I actually feel-- Oh hi Katherine.


Well I've arrived at the Mun. I've actually set up an orbital maneuver that will allow me to orbit the Mun, but I've just been informed by my wife that she's brought tacos home from taco places. So I have to go, I'm sorry.

Next episode here on Games With Hank is going to be Kerbal Space Program again. We're going to set up ourselves with an orbit around the Mun, maybe even land ourselves on the Mun. Maybe. Who knows. Maybe not. But maybe.

Thanks for watching this episode of Games With Hank, I have been Hank, and the game has been Kerbal Space Program. DFTBA.