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Hank's pre-super-tuesday video which he admits that, since the loss of his beloved Edwards, he's become an Obama fan.

Check out YouTube's Super Tuesday coverage:

I Got a Crush on Obama from Barely Political:


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Good Morning John! Wow! It's been a really long time since I've done this.

Seriously, wow. Wow. Wow! I used to every other day and now it's like every other week and I'm just, wha! tha! I have like four hundred ideas for making videos and none of them are gonna get done cause I don't have the pressure.

Anyway, I can't talk about that right now because there are things that I have to discuss. Tomorrow is a very important day. Now this video is mostly going to be about America's super Tuesday primary election so people who aren't interested in politics and people who aren't in America should FREAKING PAY ATTENTION because this is of international importance to every single person on the the earth because one of these five people is going to be the president of the United States in like a year and like exactly half of those five scare the s**t out of me!

Now I know that it might be strange to have half of five people scare the s**t out of you but it turns out, that half of John McCain scares the s**t out of me but the other half doesn't. That's how he makes me feel. Romney and Huckabee, they scare the s**t out of me all the way. Yeah. Like if River Tam from Firefly teamed up with the new Terminator from the new Terminator show and their entire campaign platform was just kick Hank Green's ass, that would not scare me more than a Huckabee-Romney ticket. No. I would take that ass beating from both that kind little ass beating girl and that evil little ass beating girl. I would take it for America.

Okay, okay, what I'm trying to say is that nothing would scare more s**t out of me than Republicans in the White House again. And there's a lotta talk about it can't be much worse than it is now. Oh yes, yes it can, it can! It could be much worse than it is now. But the real question for me, for John is which democratic candidate do we choose?

You've got Hillary, she's a woman and that's awesome, and I love the idea that there would be a woman president of the United States. That would be awesome. She's got the experience, she was in the White House for eight years, she's got connections, she knows how it works, she's jacked into the whole thing.

Then we've got Obama and he's black and it would be like amazing to have a black president. He's like ready to take on the system and he's like "I'm gonna be president and they're not gonna tell me how to run things, I don't need to know how they run things, I'm gonna run things my own way! I'm gonna make this country a better place with my awesomeness!"
And I've got to say, uh, liking the way that he talks.

(Hank sings) Cause I got a man-crush on Obama. B to the A to the R-A-C-K O-B-A-M-A
(stops singing)

Sorry Hillary, John and I are pretty much Obama guys now, but that doesn't mean that they haven't the Nerdfighter endorsement. Nerdfighters are of every color, race, creed and even political persuasion. There are Republican Nerdfighters, I do not deny it, and I know that I will get many negative comments on my disapproval of the Republican platform. But there it is!

Generally they don't recognize the environment as an issue. John McCain, the one who does, has a much weaker plan on climate change than either Barack or Hillary. Such is life. And if anyone is curious about how the primary candidates stack up to one another in terms of environmental issues... Actually my company just launched a new blog called Enviro Wonk.

(Hank sings/raps)
E to the N to the V-I-R-O W-O-N-K
(stops singing/rapping)

Dot com. We've just done an analysis of all the candidates. The basic just of it is that Hillary and Obama are very, very similar. Obama seems to be a little bit stronger than Clinton, but they're both much stronger than McCain and the rest of them don't even think about it. They don't talk about the environment, they talk about energy independence, which mostly includes drilling all over America, trying to get more oil out of the ground. Since oil is kinda, you know, (whispers) the problem (end whispering), maybe drilling for more is not the solution.

(pulls a sarcastic question mark face)

And any of you who think that McCain is not going to continue the work that Bush is doing, maybe take a look at this picture (shows picture of Bush and McCain hugging) and realize: NOT the candidate for change.

That's all for me, John wants to do a Question Tuesdays, possibly not on Tuesdays but on Wednesdays. So if you wanna leave your questions for John in the comments, please do. He will answer them on Tuesday or possibly Wednesday. John, I'll see you on Tuesday or possibly Wednesday!

(picture of Obama in swimming trunks, with the text "Obama says subscribe!")