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Edited by Tim Thomas
Hello and welcome to Games with Hank I am Hank and this is games with me, who is Hank. The game today is gonna be Infinideer. I don't know much about Infinideer, all I know is that I've been having a lot of fun playing these pre-release alpha games from and Infinideer is one of them.

Music is, uh, a little bit upsetting, I feel like, uh, what am I doing? I'm a deer. Oh this is like Frogger but with deer? No, no, no, no, no! I made it! Can I zoom out? UHUHUHUH! Yeah, deerific!

This. Is. My. Favorite game. 

Hey, how's it going, everybody? There's no cars, this makes it much easie–oh no!

Uuuuh, uuuuh I'm a good deer, why's the Stonehenge in the middle of the – oh there's my previous splatter. Uuuuuuuuh oh god no I ran into the car that time. Ooh, k, why does everybody keep exploding? Alright. We can do this better. I just need to know where thAAAAH ok. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHH. Oh, oh, oh deerific!

I love, it's so pretty. Ueh. What happened? Nothing. There was a crash but I was not in it. I don't know why, I get extra points when cars crash. I feel like maybe I should just make them crash. Crash, cars. Crash fo,r daddy donkey, alright well maybe I'm just gonna go across cause I could. 

I got pits, I got so many pits!  Grand pits assumption, alright.  I got the grand pits, I got the hoppy bunny, hoppy bunny, I'm not a bunny, I'm a deer, deer, I'm a deer, deer, I'm a deer.  That's right.  What you doing?  He's just stopped here right now.  Look at my weird eyes.  I wish I could control the camera more.  Ohhh!  Careful.  What is that?  It's just a skull.  It's just a skull.  Oh, I have little spots, 'cause I'm a young doe.  Get through, get through.  Ohh!  Why were you coming from that direction?  This is a one--I thought this was a one way highway thingy.  That's confusing.  Ohh, it's never a party, it's a never-ending party.  Doomed to jam in purgatory forever, but at least we earned some pits.  Everybody earns pits, in Infinideer, Infinideer, Infini--oh my goodness, careful, you can jump off the edge.  

I'm a deer, I'm a deer, I'm a deer!  Oh yeah.  Oh yeah.  I'm causin' all kinds of--oh, I barely tapped it!  Where d--why are my eyes floating--why were my eyes floating off of my body?  Well, that was easy.  See, it's no fun if you're just--ohhhh, that's a big truck.  Ohh, goodness gracious!

The roads keep getting wider and wider, though.  Just go, go, go, don't even think about it, be a deer!  Yeah.  That wasn't--I only got 39 pits that time.  Hello, cars?  Hello, where are you?  Yeah, crash.  I didn't even see--I can't see--whoaaaa no, oh wow.  See, that's the moment when I should be able to zoom out.  

It's a never-ending party!  But at least we earned points.  See, this is the kind of fun you can have if you become a game developer, you can stay up really late for like, several days straight and create a product that some idiot will play on his YouTube channel and people will like it, some people, but you--oh, look at all those drumsticks.  Oh, yeah, explooode!  

What's up?  Hey, what's up?  How's it going?  Ohhh, don't run into him.  And then there's like a--like, my ribs are over there.  He just turns into a little bit of a floppy mess, this little deer.  I get more points if I hit--if I die than if I live, so I don't know what the point of the game is, I guess.  No, stop, stop, what the heck, giant truck?!  You were just comin' after me.  Well, that--it's just making that noise. Alright, just, pieces of liver flying all over the place.

Infinideer!  Crash.  Tiny little bone parts.  I love the--I love the--the--detritus that spawns, it's like, what is it gonna be this time?  Chickens?  A skull?  Floating eyeballs?  And I say 'eyeballs', I think those are this deer's eyeballs, that's what they look like, they're like these little blue spirals, and when you get hit by a car, they fall off, in addition to all the meat that--ohhh, a deer.  Oh, a deer, oh, a deer, oh, and then I fall off the edge down into the whiteness.

What?!  What is this?  Do I have babies now?  Why are you not deer?  You're bunnies.  Oh no.  Well now I feel like I have a much more clear responsibility.  Oh gosh, oh no, babies.  Oh no babies!  Oh, he's blocking it.  He's blocking the exit.  Ahhhhh!  Not my babies!  Nooo, don't, nooo!  No, oh my God, ahhhhh!  It blocked the exit, I can't escape!  Not my babies.  Come on up here.  Good b--aaaaaaahhhhh ohhhh nooo!  

Uh, I don't know how to even turn this game off, 'cause there appears to be no way to get to a menu screen.  Uh.  Oh, I can push the spacebar and things will happen.  Light of everything, call of the wild, call of the wild, or when did you come here even, light of everything.  Bones everywhere, call of the wild, I like it, I like it, this game is weird.  You get points for hitting the spacebar!  That doesn't make any sense, oh, wow, I'm gonna have way more points now.  Alright.  Alright, let's just get across here and now I'm gonna have doubled my points.  That's all it takes, you guys.  That's all it takes to double your points, and if I have 51,000 points, who knows, maybe I'll get a bunch of babies.  Look at all those points I got for hitting the spacebar!  That's gonna just keep counting for like, several minutes, at least we earned 37,000 pits.  I don't get a baby though.  I don't get babies.  No babies, whoaaaaa!  Alright.  Alright.  For real this time, I don't know--I literally do not know how to end this game.  Uh.  How to get out of it, but I guess I'll just task manager out of it.  

Well, thanks for watching this episode of Games with Hank.  It's been fun.  This has been Infinideer, and I would tell you who developed it but I can't get to the loading screen, so I don't know, but you can get it at Alpha Beta--Alpha  Thanks for watching, and DFTBA.