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When she adopted her cat, Sophie, the humane society said she was spayed, but clearly she was not. Luckily both of them have found good homes. One at a new house and one is staying with momma. Always spay and Neuter you pets!!!
Woman: They were born June 22nd, eight or nine weeks this, um, Friday. And it’s just been so much fun.

Hank: Yeah.

Woman: And I, you know, now that I know he’s gonna be…

Hank: Oh, mom!

Woman: There’s momma, now that I know he’s gonna be adopted now I’m cert… I’m gonna pull away, detach from him.

Hank: Yeah. Yeah, that’s hard.

Woman: It is hard but I mean, I started crying today when I met the people who were gonna adopt him.

Katherine: Did you see mom? Did you see mom?

Woman: But she said, “You know, we haven’t talked about what you want for him” and I said “Well I’m gonna start crying. The only thing I want is for them to go to health… Good, good homes and be happy and safe and loved and cared for that’s, that is the only thing I want. So…

Hank: That’s really nice.

Woman: Yes you little babies. Yes you little babies.

Hank: Haha, he got your finger.