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In which hank rants about pockets in response to this video:
Hello there. This is Hank and I was just watching a video from a person who I was on the debate team with at Leaky Con. Her name was Amelia, her YouTube is aburger9009. And she made a video about girl pockets.

Now first, she's discussing why sometimes when you buy pants, the pockets are sewn shut. This is not just a girl problem. This is-- this is- all genders experience this and I cannot - I'm sure there's a reason, like they don't want like stuff to fall in there at factories and then for you to get a pocket full of Chinese bugs. I don't know. When you get your pants.

But yes, I have experienced that before and you have to like cut the pockets open and it's really annoying. It seems to happen especially with like fancy pants. And like with shirt pockets too, I've seen that. And I would love for people to explain to me why that is. Why are sometimes pockets sewn shut and you have to cut them open. Cause it's dumb.

Second, she's talking about how girl pockets are like basically counteracting the feminist agenda by making you have to carry a purse because you can't fit anything in pockets. And I'm feeling you there too because this new trend in skinny jeans. Everywhere I go I can't find any jeans that are normal freakin' sized and I have the same problem, now I like can't fit anything more than just my phone and my wallet in my pockets without there being like unsightly bulges.

She goes on to put on her pair of mens cargo pants and she can fit like basically, you know, two weeks supply of clothes, laundry and toiletries in her pockets and yeah, I miss those days.

When I went to high school man, the pants- you could put on a pair of pants that could fit like four different people in them. And we're- we've lost that. And I blame the United Kingdom. That's right, I blame you skinny-pantsed United Kingdom people for- for destroying the wonderful trend of big pants that we had for so long here in America.

And now I'm wearing these skinny freakin' jeans, which aren't super comfortable. They look fine, yeah, they're fashion-forward- whatever! But I can't figure out what to do about pockets!

And I need- I loved that, I loved that about like my old- and there'd be like pockets down the pants, like you'd suddenly have a pocket like halfway down. Other pocket! With a- and a hammer strap, that was a thing for a while, a little strap where you could hang a hammer. Cause I'm gonna do that.

And then- and then there'd be like a pocket down on the- like an ankle holster. No, there wasn't any ankle holster's, but there were plenty of pockets, and now I feel like- I feel like we're less and less, we have less and less pockets. Fewer and fewer pockets. Whichever is the grammatically correct way to say that. 

And I am, I'm a little bit upset about the current state of pockets in America, and I'm especially upset about girl pockets, because I think that is sort of ridiculous, that like, like female clothes are so anti-utilitarian. And you gotta have a whole separate bag! Can't use pockets because they're- you can't fit anything- just trying to get stuff out of them takes forever. Your phones ringing, it's gonna ring out before you can freakin' get it out of the pocket!

GAHH! That's all.