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In which John and Chris do a bizarre cone drill, discuss J. K. Rowling's (possible) plank skills, and attend an exercise class at Shred415, involving treadmill intervals and strength training.

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Follow along:
(In the Gym)
Laura: C'mon John, just 20 seconds till you have your record.  You've got it.

Chris: James Patterson could do it.  I read online Stephenie Meyers could do it. C'mon, gimme that plank.

John: Hyuhh!

Chris: I saw a Vine of J. K. Rowling doing a five-minute plank.

John: Six seconds!  You don't know anything about Vine. Hguh.

[Opening Chimes]

J: Welcome back to 100 Days.  So Day 91 was a Sunday, which meant it was a rest day for me.  It was also a very enjoyable and healthy eating day.  Chris, in a stunning turn of events, only took one food picture.

On Day 92 we had our second-to-last metric check ever.  My resting heart rate was 64 beats per minute, Chris's was 59.  After running for a half-mile at our usual paces, mine had risen to 148 and Chris's was at 121.  And then we did push ups.

(In gym)
J: My goal is to double my original number, which was 21.

L: 43, you have three seconds.  44.


J: I made it to 44 and Chris got to 49!

C: That's all I got!

J: 49!  49, and the 49th was like a porpoise.

J: Laura had a strange warm-up for us this day-there were all these cones and we had to run around, Chris flipping them over and me putting them back up.  As you can see, they were all down at the end.

J: Oh, no.  Oh no.  I gotta start making some moves.

L: Go really far away!

J; But I;d have my chance for redemtion-first, though, we did another metric:planks.  Mine is up to 2 minutes 15 seconds, Chris's is at 4 minutes.  Then it was back to the cones.

L: I guess when there's more people it's a little different.  It's still entertaining.  Still getting your heart rate up.

J: According to Laura this was our 21st day working out with her, so she had 21 exercises planned in which we did 21 reps of each and it was a tough workout.

J: This is a hard workout Laura.

L: Yeah?

C: Good.

J: It's good.

J: There were calf-raises, and push-ups, and high knees, burpees, dips, mountain climbers, and so much more-in fact, 15 more, to be exact.  They'll all be listed over at the community tab.  Then we had some time left over to do ab work, and then a nice, long series of stretches.

L: So when you stretch, what are you doing?

J: *Reaches toward toe* This, mostly.

L: And how's that workin' for ya?

J: I mean, I- it hurts very badly.

J: Other than yoga we haven't shown much stretching in 100 Days, but it's not because we aren't stretching, it's because it's just kind of boring to look at.  But here are a couple of good ones to try- this pigeon pose is a particularly good hip-opener.  Then we did the toe-touch metric, I'm at nine and three-quarters inches away from the floor-single digits!

J: Single digits!

J: And Chris has half an inch between his wrist and the floor.  Here's some of my Day 92 food. I spent some time on the treadmill too, and we don't have any pictures from Chris, it's lookin' like he's gonna get that Suzanna workout.
Day 93 was a self-directed exercise day, so I ran for about three and a half miles on the treadmill, a little sore from the day before, we'd just done so much core work, and it wasn't my best food-tracking day, although my two pictures beat Chris's zero.
Then on day 94, Chris, Sarah, and I went to an exercise class called Shred 415.  The first thing we did was get on the treadmill for an 11 minute interval.

(Gym) God, I can't wait for Day 101 when I can listen to music!  WHile I work out.

J: So, as you guys may have noticed over hte course of 100 Days, one of the drawbacks of this show is that we cannot listen to music while we work out because it's a copyright nightmare.

C: You wanna listen to music while part of the class..

J: No, you know what, Chris, just listen to the sound of your own mellifluous voice.

J: But on this day, Sheridan told us that if we were funny enough in the first half of class, we could turn on music for the second half.

J: Alright, we gotta be funny right now, Chris.  

J: It was a lot of picking up the pace, then dropping it down, and then increasing the treadmill incline, then repeating those steps.  We also did side-shuffling and then some more intense, fast-paced pushes.

J: Well, you guys look ridiculous doing this.  It's weird, cuz I look so good.

J: Afterwards we moved to the floor.  We did some planks, chest-flies, and curls, and a little cardio.

Woman: Awesome, you guys look good!

J: I guess at that point we hadn't been funny enough just yet.  We ran  a quarter of a mile on the treadmill at our fast pace that we'd previously designated.

Woman: This time it's only 90 seconds and you're off that treadmill.  We've got this, c'mon.  Push, push, push, you're stronger than that machine.  Go, go, go, you've got this, c'mon.

C: bleep

Sarah: You started too fast!

C: That's what she said.

J: I think that's about enough, time to cue the music.

J: And then we did three minutes back on the floor.  Oh, burpees, we've been through so much together.

Woman: Love it! C'mon, so strong, let's go!

J: Then there were 11 more minutes on the treadmill, but finally we were allowed music, thank you Sheridan.

Woman: Yes, music!

J: We did it everybody, we were funny enough for music, or more likely, they gave up on the idea of us being funny.

J: We went back and forth between the floor and treadmill a couple more times before stretching.  Overall, this was one of my favorite exercises so far, I really enjoyed the mix of cardio and weights, and the running was super intense but I only got to that point of absolute exhaustion right at the end of each interval.

J: That was so fun.

C: Yeah, it's great.  I think it is one of the most efficient ways to use an hour to exercise, uh, without wasting any time.  It's the right mix of like, yelling at you and encouraging you.  They push you, but your able to back off at your own paces as well.

J: On the other hand, my food situation on Day 94 was not great.  The problems wer 1. I ate dinner out and 2.  Alcohol.  Drinking just kills my willpower to say no to processed carbohydrates.  A little distressing to have a bad day, but I have to say at this point I feel a lot more resilient and like it's not a catastrophe.  Meanwhile, according to Chris's photos, he didn't eat anything at all.

Thanks for watching, I'll see you on Day 95.

[Outro Music]

J: We can't play music until we don't have to capture audio any more, and apparently we have not been funny enough to stop capturing audio. So, prepare for some hijinks,

C+J: *Humming circus music*

J: Nope, we can't clear that.  We can't clear that song.