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John and Chris make their triumphant return to the obstacle course at Fire Eye Fitness. Then, John leaves town and Chris takes over and tries his hand at voiceover.

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 Intro (0:00)

Tod: You guys have made a big improvement though.

C: Thanks! See, these four, like, don't appreciate all the success we've made cause it's like watching you child grow - you don't see how they're growing and then Grandma comes to town...

Todd: Yep.

Sheridan: So Todd is Grandma?

Todd: Yeah, I'm Grandma. 

C: Todd, you're Grandma in this analogy. 

[100 Days Intro]

John: [voice over] Welcome back to 100 Days. So on Day 87 we returned to Fire Eye Fitness. We spent a little time complaining about our sore backs from basketball, but we couldn't put off the workout forever. Todd had us do two runs of the obstacle course and afterwards 60 seconds of ab exercises. 

C: How long on each of them - a minute on each?

Todd: 60 seconds for each exercise.

J: I bet that's a long time. I bet that's gonna feel long. Ugh! Good job. That's some abs!

John: [voice over] Then we did the obstacle course again. This time one of us had to do ropes for as long as the other person was moving through the course. 

C: Hurry up John! You can do it John!

Todd: Good work! Alright Chris, hit that course!

John: [voice over] That was tough, but I've really grown to love this place. Todd knows exactly how to push us to our limits but not beyond them. And the obstacle course that had seemed totally impossible to me on Day 2 now felt kind of like a playground. 

J: It's very hard. 

C: It's crazy how hard it is. 

J: I can't talk. 

C: So you're speechless. That's..

J: I can't... [breathing heavily] I would be very interested to try this in like, 10 weeks. 

C: Feel good?

J: I feel great.

John: [voice over] We did some renegade row sets and then a kettle bell squat and press, and then Todd had us do a third obstacle course run through, and we finished up with abs and a minute straight of burpees. 

J: Is this the same kettle bell we had last time? Cause it feels much lighter!

Todd: Yes, this is the same one you used last time. I was kinda hoping to hear that. 

John: [voice over] Overall it was really fun to go back to the obstacle course and see Todd again, and also his adorable dog. I know that was a highlight for Sheridan at least. 

Todd: If you land on Remy it's 50 burpees. You guys outta come out with us in September, we do the burpee 5k. 

C: You do burpees for 5, 3 miles.

Todd: Yep. You can do one of two things - you can either do a broad jump out cause most people can jump their own height, or once you start getting tired I tell people to take two steps which is typically also you're own height.

C: Then you do a burpee. For 3 miles.

Todd: For 3.1 miles.

C: Holy sh*t.

J: How long does that take?

Todd: I think it took us about 3 and a half hours last time.

J: Oh my god. That's got to be 200... 300 burpees. 

Todd: 300? 2,000. 

J: Jeez...

C: You know, I, that's the day that I go and like, volunteer at that charity.

J: Yes, right. We have obligations.

C: Yeah.

J: We, we signed up for stuff.

C: I have, Todd, I mean, I'll be thinkin' about you guys.

J: Yeah. And we would've loved to do it. What, but unfortunately.

C: If it wasn't that day...

J: Yeah. If it was any other day I would do a burpee 5k.

C: Any, any, I mean if you guys changed the date?

J: Right...

C: And you know...

J: Then I would do 2,000 burpees over the course of 7 hours.

C: Call my land line if the date changes. And we will, we'll be there.

J: Do you have a land line?

C: Yeah...

John: [voice over] And I'm still crushing it with my food tracking, although I didn't totally crush it with my actual eating today because I had some Jimmy Johns, and a beer, and some french fries, but Chris' food is a total mystery. Chris! 

 Day 88 (3:40)

John: [voice over] Day 88 was a Thursday, and I had to take a very quick work trip to Los Angeles, but I couldn't really take a rest day, so I was at LAX at 1 A.M. my time walking laps in the Delta terminal to get my 30 minutes of brisk walking in. But I did it. And then I ate some airport food. Chris had a much better Thursday. He had a workout session with Laura, so I'm gonna let him do the voice over for a bit.

Chris: [voice over] Thanks John! Marina, Laura, and I went to downtown Indianapolis to try out the Indiana Pacers bike share. They have stations all over the city where you can pick up and return bicycles. 

In between riding around Laura would have us do some more strenuous exercises like running stairs, side shuffling, jumping jacks, and lots and lots of push ups. Overall this was a great day. I missed John of course, but Marina is much more beautiful and better company.

Marina: That was really cool.

C: That was cool.

Marina: Just like, gettin on those bikes. You see them all the time and you don't really think, you think 'Oh I wonder who actually gets on and uses those?' and then when you do...

C: And you realize that it's people doing YouTube shows. 

Marina: [laughs]

C: Are the ones that...

Marina: Not just that.

C: That's, that's why the business, I don't know how, what the long term business structure's gonna be like for it. 

Marina: The day was fun because this has been a thing that you and John have done, which has been really important you for, for you to do together, but for Sarah and I ya know, it's good for us to, to experience it with you in small doses. So, that day was my opportunity to go and kind of be there for you and it was really fun.

Chris: [voice over] I also have three food photos for the day. Shocker! Steak and vegetables, an omelet, and a banana with peanut butter. Back to you John.

 Day 89 (5:13)

John: [voice over] Okay I'm back, I have to take over so Chris doesn't get too hungry with power. So, Friday was when my red-eye arrived home, so I slept all day

 Day 90 (5:21)

John: [voice over] and then on Saturday I ran for 9 miles. In a row. Without stopping. Sorry, I'm very pleased with myself. And here's some of my food, and some unflattering photos of Chris because he's basically given up on food tracking.

So we only have one full week left of 100 Days, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I'm thrilled with how my diet has been going for the last few weeks, I feel like I'm fully in control of my nutrition choices. I don't know why the nutrition part of this took so long for me, but I feel like it's just clicked in.

Following my rules has just worked for me, in fact I've turned it into a song. No alcohol, no processed carbs, and no added sugars. That I just sing to myself all the time. Technically the song should go, no alcohol (on weekdays), no processed carbs, and no added sugars. But, ya know, that doesn't roll off the tongue as well.

Exercise continues to be fun and really good for my mental health, and meditation continues to be a little bit annoying, but also probably good for my mental health, so, yeah. I'll take it.

Thanks for watching. I'll see you on Day 91. 91! We're almost done!

[credits screen]