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Victoria tests the effect of temperature on blood pressure, using Iggy as her subject.
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Frankenstein MD is a multi-platform series based on Frankenstein, a novel by Mary Shelley.
The series is developed by Lon Harris, Brett Register, and Bernie Su
The series is produced by Pemberley Digital.
and distributed by PBS Digital Studios.

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Victoria Frankenstein - Anna Lore -
Iggy DeLacey - Steve Zaragoza -
Rory Clerval - Sarah Fletcher -

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Writer - Taylor Brogan
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Victoria: Okay, put your foot in. 

Iggy: Alright. AHH! It's cold!

Victoria: It's a tub full of super cooled water.

Iggy: Your heart's a tub full of super cooled water. 

Victoria: Tell me when you're ready. 

Iggy: I'm ready! 

Victoria: Not now, when you're numbed up!

Iggy: Okay, stop yelling at me!

Victoria: You started it!

(Intro music plays)

Victoria: We're keeping a lower profile around the lab, so there won't be any loose wildlife on display today. Except Iggy. 

Iggy: I miss you Agatha!

Victoria: Instead, we'll be looking at the relationship between body temperature and blood pressure. Now in order to survive, the human body must maintain what's called homeostasis. 

Iggy: Mhm. And essentially, any rapid change in the body's internal condition will necessarily trigger other changes. 

Victoria: But, this is no mere demonstration. If my hypothesis is correct - and, come on, it will be - I'll be able to manipulate Iggy's blood pressure simply by altering his body's core temperature. 

Iggy: It'll be important to understand, for the, uh, you know... 

Victoria: What we're calling the "birthing process." 

Iggy: What about the "after-birthing process" I mean, Robert was already born once. 

Victoria: An interesting metaphysical query. But before we can worry about that, we'll first need to thaw his remains and it must happen very quickly. To accomplish this, we'll pump the body full of warm, intravenous fluids. 

Iggy: As his core temperature rises, however, his blood pressure will decrease to maintain homeostasis. When it will have to combat this, or it can impact our ability to fully revive the body. 

Victoria: Hey, Iggy? How are you feeling? 

Iggy: I'm hungry. 

Victoria: No, uh, I mean your foot. 

Iggy: Oh, that? Yeah, I can't feel it at all. 

Victoria: I told you to tell me! Hang on. 

We've cooled Iggy's temperature slightly with the water bath, and now, by pumping warm fluids directly into his bloodstream, we can track the impact of the temperature changes on his blood pressure.

As suspected, Iggy's blood pressure is slightly elevated, unsurprising given his diminished core temperature.

(knocking off screen)

Victoria: You stay right there.

Iggy: Where am I going?

Victoria: Hey! 

Rory: Hey!

Victoria: Take a seat.

Rory: So, ah, I thought that this was Thai, but then it turns out it's Indonesian food? I didn't even know that Indonesians had a food.

Victoria: Of course they have a food, every country has food...

Rory: Well I mean I know that they have a food, but I didn't know that they had food, like how Italy... has a food...

Iggy: Hey, has uh the Indonesians perfected orange chicken technology yet?

Rory: Did he injure himself?

Victoria: No, oh no, it's just an experiment.

Rory: Right. Gotta do those...

Victoria: We're making some real headway, it's actually very exciting.

Rory: That's great. But don't you think that...

Victoria: What?

Rory: Uh, I - never mind.

Victoria: No, tell me!

Rory: I just think maybe you're spending too much time alone in the lab.

Victoria: Iggy's around.

Rory: I just think maybe you're spending too much time alone in the lab with Iggy.

Iggy: Hey -

Victoria: Look, I just need a few weeks to wrap everything up, um, and then we'll see lots more of each other. I promise.

Rory: How about this: You leave Iggy soaking, and come out with me tonight. You have your entire life to impress the Royal Society and win the Booker prize - 

Victoria: That's for literature...

Rory: C'mon... You really can't  just spare one...

Victoria: It's very important I be allowed to finish my work.

Rory: Hey... C'mon I'm sorry, I just... I just miss hanging out with you.

Victoria: I want to see you more often, but... Tonight I have to work. Plus, I have to edit.

Iggy: Hey uh, Vic? 

Victoria: What's up?

Iggy: I don't feel hungry anymore.

Victoria: How do you feel?

Iggy: Um, I don't know, fuzzy?

Victoria: You're burning up.

Iggy: It's getting hot in here...

Victoria: We'll cool you down, just let me get a quick reading.

Rory: Is he OK?

Victoria: He's fine, it's all part of the experiment.

Iggy: So take off all your pants.

Victoria: Everything looks good here...

Iggy: I am feeling so cool, I'm gonna - maybe throw up. Everyone back up.

Uh, OK no, I'm fine. I'm OK.

Rory: OK, before I see anything else that I might have to testify about, I'm gonna just go.

Victoria: I'll call you.

Rory: Oh, um, actually before I forget... Uh, from our comping trip last year? I thought it might make the lab feel a bit more homey. 

Victoria: Thanks.

Rory: Just make sure you put it next to one of the disgusting things, so I'll look way cuter in comparison. And uh, eat the nasi goreng before it gets cold.

Iggy: I wanna see. Oh my gosh, you're actually smiling. Did a hiker walk by and need an emergency surgery or something?

Victoria: Very funny.

Iggy: So you going to finish that? 

Victoria: Well you're hungry again? That's a good sign.

Iggy: Well actually I just thought it would heat me up. It's fricking freezing here all of a sudden. 

Victoria: Your foot!

Iggy: Oh...

Victoria: I told you to remove it from the water bath whenever you lost feeling.

Iggy: Yeah I kinda forgot to do that...

Victoria: Iggy! 

Iggy: Well look it was really hot, and then suddenly cold, it's just very confusing...

Victoria: That looks like necrosis.

Iggy: Or frostbite!

Victoria: Necrosis.

Iggy: Look, we gotta call an ambulance.

Victoria: I mean, we could take care of this right here. I am a doctor-

Iggy: Call an ambulance!

Victoria: OK OK, geez.

Iggy: Still gonna eat the food, because I need my strength. 

(End screen)