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Victoria attempts to reanimate frozen tissue.
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Frankenstein MD is a multi-platform series based on Frankenstein, a novel by Mary Shelley.
The series is developed by Lon Harris, Brett Register, and Bernie Su
The series is produced by Pemberley Digital.
and distributed by PBS Digital Studios.

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Victoria: Today's lesson? With patience, time, perseverance and just a dash of genius you can overcome any obstacle. Maybe more than just a dash of genius. A touch of genius. A dollop of genius. Sure you might alienate friends and colleagues. Certain individuals may even lose symbolically important but vestigial portions of their right foot due to... frost bite related mishaps. but, in the end, the quest for knowledge, human kinds intractable struggle to know and by knowing conquer the natural world. Well, that makes it all worthwhile

.... Now we have to hurry before Waldman discovers I've borrowed his eyes.

Dr DeLacey has once again suffered a minor injury and is recuperating at home this week. But I've arranged to have him join us virtually.

Iggy: Hey Victoria! should I show them my toe nub? oow oh oh

Victoria: I don't think that's...

Iggy: OK oooft 

Victoria: ... Possible 

Iggy: Yeah, maybe next time I'll put in a toe cam.

Victoria: Er, for now explain today's experiment while I prep the cow's eye.

Iggy: Ten four. 'Kay, so I gotta lot of notes here. 

Light enters through the lens of our eye. Where various rods and cones in our retina translate these light rays into electrical impulses. Er, later our brains many visual processing centers assemble these impulses into images. But for all that to work, the eye first requires vitality.

Victoria: Here we have a cryogenically preserved cow's eye, which I have defrosted using the same protocol we developed last week with Iggy.

Iggy: We're hypothesizing that by connecting the cow's eye to a blood supply, and providing a small electrical charge, we can catalyze the revitalization process.

Victoria: If we have the thawing protocol cracked and we can restore function to this cows eye. We will have the proof of principle we need to give birth to a new life form.

Iggy: Well, not a new life form. Good old Robert.

Victoria: Well, this new organism will occupy Robert's body but our creation won't just be Robert. It's a new life. Something far more exciting than some reanimated corpse

Iggy: Wow err, you get pretty intense sometimes.

Victoria: Now I'm going to shine a light through the pupil of the eye and if all of our efforts have been successful the stimulus with register audibly on the electroretinogram.

Iggy: That means it'll beep!

Victoria: Here goes.

That's odd.

Iggy: Do you need me to come down there and help?

Victoria: Depends, are you any better on the crutches?

Iggy: Dahh! It just hurts my arm pits so bad!

Victoria: Must be a loose connection.

Iggy: Well, did you try turning it off and on again?

Victoria: OK. One more time. *beeping*

Iggy: Hang on a second is that my popcorn?

Victoria: No! It's working! It's working!

Iggy:  We did it!

Victoria: I did it! I reanimated frozen tissue!

Iggy: Sure, yeah, no need to thank me science is it's own reward.


Victoria: That's probably Waldman. Gotta go!

Iggy: Oh wait, wait! Did you tell him we're using his cow eyes? *beep*

Eli: OK, so we're too late to grab a bite first but if we leave right. now. We'll still be early enough to get popcorn.

Victoria: I don't think I can make it. 

Eli: Oh come on Victoria! 

Victoria: I just had a huge breakthrough! but, you should go. I'll meet you after?

Eli: I'm not gonna go to a midnight movie by myself! that's for guys with, like, beards and sword collections.

Victoria: You own a sword.

Eli: But just the one. Trust me one sword does not constitute a collection.

Victoria: Well... I... Can't leave now. I'm making incredible progress.

Eli: Incredible progress on what?

Victoria: It's not a big deal. Nothing revolutionary that will change the way we think about life and death or anything.

Eli: OK, well if it's not a big deal then you can tell me what it is right?

Victoria: It's... just a... a... 

Eli: Just a little something in the fridge!? Are you doing cold cut analysis!? 

Victoria: Eli, Don't!

Eli: And it's filled with eye balls. 

Victoria:... Yes. Yes it is.

Eli: And no baking soda. you should really keep some in there. for the smells.

Victoria: There's a perfectly rational explanation.

Eli: Please don't say lunch. Please don't say lunch.

Victoria: I'm perfecting a process for total cellular reanimation.
Bringing a dead thing back to life.

Eli: OK. Er Vic, it's cool you don't have to explain vision fridge. The fridge that stares into you.

Victoria: I'm telling the truth! 

Eli: Look, even you. The crazy smartest person I know. Are not that smart. Or crazy.

Victoria: But what of I was?

Eli: Look, just call me this week. When you have time to talk. And I'm sorry that I invaded your forbidden kitchen of mystery. I just... Wanna know what you're up to.

Victoria: Have Iggy pick up baking soda.