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In which Hank can't find any Strawberry Hill and drinks Sutter Home instead.


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A Bunny
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I'm home!

Good morning, John. It's January 5th and I'm sitting in my basement back home, surrounded by all the things I love. I love orange juice.

I love "Mental Floss" magazine and Benjamin Franklin. Everything is reversed when I look at it on the computer. I thought he was over here.

I love these old collages that were on my wall in college that I still have taped together because I think maybe someday I'm gonna put 'em back up on a wall someday. I love that, right there. You see it?

There. That's a map of the realm of Narnia. Yeah, it's a map of the realm of Narnia.

Hold on, I have to go upstairs and get something. Movie magic! Lies of omission.

What did I get? We don't actually have Strawberry Hill here. I didn't know that.

I never looked for it. Until today. Alas, Sutter Home White Zinfandel will have to do. (cork pops) It's gonna be kind of embarrassing if I have any of this left in the fridge when friends come over, but it's your challenge and you did stick several pieces of toilet paper in your mouth and discussed the political situation in Nepal.

I'm glad that I wasn't stuck with a political situation in Nepal challenge because I don't actually know anything about Nepal. Except maybe that there's.. rocks? And that's only really because there are rocks everywhere.

A commenter suggested that I drink a glass of Strawberry Hill wine and then say "Eat five sheets of toilet paper while discussing the political situation in Nepal" really fast without vomiting. I'm going to do that. Now there's only one way I'm going to be able to do that.

And that's by eating corn dogs. Eating corn dogs is the only way I can chug an alcoholic beverage without puking. I don't know why.

I think maybe my stomach's just like, "Oh, that corn dog is so good. I can't let go of it! I have to hold on to the corn dog.

I don't care how much alcohol you pour in me, just don't.. let.. go.. of the corn dog!" I really like corn dogs. It's not Strawberry Hill, but it only cost $3.65. Ugh!

Bugligigligah. To brotherhood. (chugs) Eat five sheets of toilet paper while discussing the political situation in Nepal! HOOAH!

That really wasn't all that hard. What was all the fuss about? (singing) Eat five sheets of toilet paper while discussing the political situation in Nepal.