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In which John discusses differences between brothers, fails at the Nepal Challenge, and welcomes young Jack into the world.
p.s. 500 Miles is definitely a punishment


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A Bunny
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Good morning, Hank.

It's Thursday, January 4th. I'm standing on top of Little Pisgah Mountain in North Carolina.

That was actually recorded on Wednesday, January 3rd, but you'd have no way of knowing. I believe that's what they call movie magic! Hank, in your last video you asked me to continue our discussion of our differences.

I think one of the most important differences between us is that you are excellent at living in a way that's commensurate with your values whereas I am not. Uh, for instance, I didn't recycle until I watched An Inconvenient Truth, and I'm still sorta iffy on it. And also, uh, I didn't vote (sigh) in 2000.

Even though I could have voted in Florida. Ah, George Bush! It's all my fault!

God, I'm so stupid! Ohhh. Let's change the subject.

Also, we have vastly different happy dances. (dances) Yes! Well, I noticed that in your last video you completely ignored my "Eat Five Sheets of Toilet Paper While Discussing the Political Situation in Nepal" challenge. Let's just admit that that was some awesome pronunciation.

And if you're not going to eat five sheets of toilet paper while discussing the political situation in Nepal, well, I'm going to. All right, Green, you better do this in one take because it's not gonna be fun. (gags) The thing about the political situation in Nepal is that there are these Maoist rebels who control more than half of the country. Who has Maoist rebels any more?

Ugh. No. (gags & coughs) I can't do it, Hank. I think this stuff is two-ply, too.

I think that was part of the problem because if you get the one-ply stuff, I can just oghomamamam - just down that - but this stuff? Oomph. Oh and by the way, I have great news!

Brotherhood 2.0 viewer, Peter, just had a baby. Well actually his wife had the baby. She was in labor for 32 hours!

I'm thinking maybe we should get them a baby present. A- What, what do you call a baby present? A baby-warming present?

Baby... shower... baby... baby... A baby present. I was thinking maybe we could let Peter pick a project or challenge for us?

What do you think?