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In which Emma and Mike screw up all the things for your amusement! :D

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Created by:
Emma Mills & T. Michael (Mike) Martin
Emma and Mike are also Young Adult novelists!
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Directed by:
T. Michael Martin

Edited by:
Nathan Talbott

Executive Producers:
Hank & John Green
Mi: One, two, three...

Both: Hey! 

E: I'm so sorry.

M: It's okay!

E: Uplifting message time!

M: Yeah!

E: Choose for your mortgage will in um you uh... will pull your credit c-um...

Both: Hey!

E: As you m-I'm sorry

M: Aah!

E: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Okay!

M: Next in up, next up! Nep, next up! Next up! A couple quick tips...

E: If this is... mm... For introverted or f-...

M: It's not so easy to do!

E: Hey! So we've al-mm. The bank you choose-mm?!

E: You'll inevitally have to-awe man! Inevitably.

M: That's a tough one. 

E: Okay.

M: But!

M: Eh, forget my but.

E: Many sites show you list-mm... Number six, if you in the cellar enter...

M: A babba da bup!

E: *whiny noises*

E: What's more, the experience you gain in another place might mrr... The learn what you can mhm!!

M: Dangit! Why is this so hard?

E: Then control the factors you-mm... Kay, just so it's important, one more time.

M: Okay.

E: Dozens of TedTucks! Even hm... TedTucks! Ted tucks you in at night.

E: I feel like I didn't rustle up the correct level up enthusiasm.

M: Baking for a charitibee. Charitibee! That's not even close to a word.

E: And learn from the initial rejection and do two other things. 

M: Awe, man!

E: I know, I know! I don't got it!

M: Oh god! This is such a... big sentence.

E: To prove that you really can pay for this thang. I said it!

Both: *laugh*

E: Uh, okay, speak like a normal human, Emma! Okay...

E: I can get down! 

M: You got it!

E: With the youths?

M: Be prepared to be passionate... and perpo-perpounce the word 'prepared' right.

E: You can figure ou-mrr... At it's core, the job would entail. Got this.

M: Life's funny. Haha.

E: My energy up! Mhm!

M: Funny 'haha' and funny 'weird'!

E: But then today, we're gonna talk about...

M: *awkward claps*

E: So get ready to sit in office-mm... mmkay.

M: To and fro from that dinner! 'To and fro from' that is not a thing.

M: Okay!

E: Okay!

M: God. I'm gonna do it again.

E: And we're doooone!

M: Yeah!

E: We got there!

M: You did it!

E: We got there.

M: Yeah...

E: Yeah... okay.