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In which we share 6 essential tips to help you find a job!

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Created by:
Emma Mills & T. Michael (Mike) Martin
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Hank & John Green

Hey, so we've covered interviewing tips, but today we're gonna talk about how to get to that interview.

That's right, it's job hunting time. Now this can be a frustrating process so we're gonna share a few tips to help make the process a little less stressful.

  1. Let Everyone You Know You're Looking For a Job (0:28)

Number one, let everyone know you're looking for a job, you never know where an opportunity might arise, so by letting all your friends and family know that you're looking for work, you extend your reach beyond the opportunities you may see alone. Family or friends may know of the prefect job opening for you and may just not know that you're looking.

  2. Don't Limit Yourself to the Online Job Boards (0:43)

Number two, don't limit yourself to just online job searches or applications.

It's tempting to simply submit a whole lot of online applications from home and then kick back. But not all positions are listed online. And with everyone else spending their time job hunting online, walking into a place that's hiring may move you to the front of the queue.

Of course that doesn't mean you should ignore applications and job postings online, it just also means that you should keep an eye out in the real world as well.

  3. Remember, Your Resume Isn't Written in Stone (1:06)

Number three, remember that your resume is not written in stone. Make changes to highlight different experiences for different positions.

Swap around skills and keywords for different industries. In fact, it may be helpful to have different versions of your resume. Each tailored to a different position or field. 

  4. Make Use of Professional Social Media Spaces (1:21)

Number four, okay, so I know that LinkedIn may not be the most exciting, but a 2014 showed that over 90% or recruiters used LinkedIn, so you should too. Remember the old adage of only getting one first impression? Give your profile a face lift before you begin applying or announcing to the world that you're looking for work.

Also keep in mind the earlier tip about your resume, or in this case, you profile being flexible: Rearrange your experience and skill so they make sense for your recent applications. 

  5. Showcase Your Work In An Online Portfolio (1:48)

Number five, as we'll discuss in a future video, take your online presence one step further and use a blog to showcase your expertise. If, for example, you're an aspiring editor, ask readers to send in their writing and then edit those samples publicly on your blog.

Explain why you make each edit, showcasing your knowledge for potential future employers and maybe landing a few freelance clients in the meantime.

  6. Employee Referrals Are Powerful (2:06)

Number six, employee referrals are powerful. If you're considering applying to a particular company, see if it has an employee referral program.

If so, do you know anyone at the company who could put in a few good words in your behalf? Youor friend will typically receive a monetary award if you're hired and you'll have a much higher chance of landing the job if recommended by a current employee.  And that's all that we've got for you today. If you have any job hunting, interview-catching tips we would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

In the meantime... I've been hunting. You know what for, Mike?  Catchphrase!

Exactly. As in 'Happy hunting!' Oh, yeah. For sure, yeah.  All right, that's all that matters.

It's about the journey. Yes. [Laughs]