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In which Hank has a happy day after his birthday.

Yes...Helen Hunt saw the video, so you get to punish both of us...and JOHN AN EXTRA TIME! So that's three punishments y'all.

Also, the IRS sent me a present...a fine! And nerdfighters sent me presents that were WAAY better than that, like my Jayne Cobb hat and:

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Good morning, John! It is May the sixth, the day after my awesome birthday. Thank you everyone for my awesome birthday. I got a Jayne hat. I also got an anglerfish hat; it's got an anglerfish thing up there. So basically here's how my birthday went: I slept in. And then I got up and I checked Twitter and I discovered that Helen Hunt had tweeted at me that she had seen my videos and also that the restraining order that she's sending at me is decorated with little flowers and smiley faces. Then I watched Henry being adorable and then I chatted with you for a while and then I saw lots of amazing videos from Nerdfighteria. Thank you Nerdfighteria, you're so nice. And then I went and I checked my mail, and in my mail was a letter from the IRS telling me that I didn't pay enough taxes in 2009. So I owe them a lot of money and I don't know whether to believe them or not because I thought I paid the right amount of taxes in 2009. So that wasn't my favorite part of my birthday. But then the FedEx guy came, and he had a giant box, and that giant box was full of all the amazing things that nerdfighters got for me. Like my Jayne hat and this taco dinner kit. Also this chubby little Hank Green Kyootee. Isn't he cute? He's got corn dogs and a guitar. DFTBA duct tape wallet. Tiny knitted rocket! Kshooo! And also a little magnet with nerdfighter hands. Basically all kinds of awesome stuff. Too many words. He he he he he. I just made him hump my face. That is weird. DFTBA pop-up. Whaaaaat! This is an entire deck of playing cards made out of duct tape, which is just insane. And it came in a box made of duct tape. I, eh, you can make anything from duct tape. So amazing card. So amazing card! This one doesn't look like much from the outside, but on the inside, it's amazing! What the frick!? I'm on a unicorn with a mushroom on its butt, and there's a companion cube piñata, and I'm hitting it with a lightsaber! More Portal-based things. Helen Hunt in my birthday cake; she's got corn dogs for me. And then probably the best birthday card not of my birthday, but of all time: Humpy Hank birthday card. And you can make him go at different speeds, yeah, oh and fast. Or, check this out, you can make him hump different things. Humping Minecraft. No I don't wanna hump Minecraft. Today I wanna hump a peep. Hump the peep! No no no, how about a corn dog. Hump the corn dog! So good. From Noxy, thank you Noxy. Also in among all of those birthday cards: giant wad of cash. And five dollars in an origami star. Uh, that's just amazing, I've never seen this before and I like it. I'm gonna make it into a Christmas ornament. But, I'm going to donate five other, different dollars, uh, to charity for this person. If I didn't get your cards yet, uh, they are still sending me more from Ohio. I'm very excited to get them. And thank you to Katherine, of course. She got me a membership to the They Might Be Giants fan club which I can't believe I haven't had yet. So, woo! And thank you, finally, to John, uh, for being a great brother. I will see you on... Monday. End screen time. Hello, Nerdfighters. After a severe punishment drought, we now, uh, are understanding what it means when it rains and pours because now you have one punishment for John not putting a video up on Wednesday, and you have two punishments for getting Helen Hunt to see the Helen Hunt video! That's three punishments. Two for John and one for me - I'm not flicking you off, that's the this one. It's the not-flicky-offy one. So we need lots of good punishment ideas. Down there is where you put punishment ideas, in the comments to this video. We are going to be reading them. Please go through, also, if you have time, and thumb up ones that you like so that they will pop out. And we're looking forward to having you punish - no we're not. DFTBA and goodbye.