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Today we're taking a short break from thinking about the universe and how things work, to instead focus on how everyone is not perfect. In this episode of Crash Course Physics, Shini has trouble saying things.

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CC Kids:
Shini: So we call velocity the derivative of position, and acceleration the derivative of velocity. That's a mouth full, should I do it again? 
Nick: Yeah, let's do that once again.
Shini: So we call velocity the derivative of position, and acceleration the derivative of velocity. *laughing*
Nick: Maybe once again.


Shini: So that's why we c- *sigh* *mumbling*

That might've even been my fault. I stick commas in
*Nick laughing* 
Coz otherwise I'd just go blue wouldn't I?
It's like "I'm running out of breath right now."

Hank: Physics, physics, physics phyzzics, pzz, physics. David Tennant is a talented person. *laughing*
*all laughing*

Nick: Feels like you're struggling a little bit with equations.
Shini: I'm struggling with an order to talk about.
Nick: Yeah... I think that...

Shini: Literally. Which... just might help you beat that sp...

So the derivative of x=T squared...

Nicole: Close...
Shini: Every time you say that, I'm like "OK another take?"
Nicole: Yeah *laughing*
Nick: Yeah.
Shini: You were close. You didn't quite...
Nicole: So close!

Shini: If ef...lalalala *laughing* I'm like panicking already.

Hank: shoes are so big!

Nick: Good job, Shini! This is...
Nicole: Yeah...
*they laugh*

Then Sin X will be the length of the side opposite that angle divided by the hypotenuse. ha...ha...ha HY-potenuse.
*Nicole mumbles*

And they donate..donut...denote...and they don't...oh my god.
And they denote the direction. *laughing* No I misspelt it.

Like...Say your picture machine...oran....*sigh* oh *laughing*

Hey this daric.....ahhh
Nick: Dir-rick-ative

Shini: Which means if you're looking for the integral...integral...
Which means if you're looking for the integral...inta-GRAL. *giggling* The new derivative...

Like the derivative of T squared...
*Nick laughing*
Shini: *laughing* Why are we laughing?

Nick: Oh. I'm sorry.

Shini: Let's pull up another graph Whe...we'll...puh... Let's pull up another graph where we'll plot the derivative and put little dots where we...we know it'll be zero....oh my god.

But if we started at the four meter mark, you'd shift it up a little...You'd shift it UP a little. *laughing*
Nick: *laughing* Words!

Shini: Oh my god! Hang on. "In fact, that's one way to define Nu which is kind of like Pi in the sense that..." OK...

Nick: Yeah! Shake it out!

Shini: And now you have everything there is to know about calculus... No you don't.
Nick: *laughing* Perfect!