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In which Andre tries to say 'reprogrammable' and fails to see the glory of The Lion King on the Sega Genesis.

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CC Kids:
Andre: Where it was played as early as the second century BC. Ah, okay. Okay. I did... I feel like I did something weird with my face. So if I could do it one more time. I want to do it one more... I just feel like it was like, "it was played in India". I did, like, a squishy face thing and I didn't like it.

The Journal Epidemiology compared corrupted blood to real life SARS and avion... Avion? Like the water?

In 2011, players helped scientists solve a decade old problem. Dec... Decade old problem, decade? Ten years being a decade!

Dice symbolize the chance and randomness of involved... Mmm. Ah.

Honinbo Go. Honinbo Go. And the Honibo Go... Ah. 

Games all over the world from the traditional Bao le Kishali... Ah!

We could go on... Hold on. Felt a little drooly on the side area. 

And ENIAC, which was considered the first reprogrammager... reprogrbrbrbr.

And ENIAC, which was considered the first reprogrammable... I cannot say that word.

And ENIAC, which was considered the first re-programmable computer was par... I can't do it! Ah, golly, what the heck!

Listen up, kids, read those instruction manuals.

From the tech model rayoo... Rayoo rayoo roh. Can't even say railroad.

"Christmas, Christmas time is here. Time for joy and time for cheer."
Off screen: I remember that part.
Andre: Yeah. And then Alvin goes "Me I want a hula hoop."

Spacewar! That's the name of your dog?

Shut up dog! Trying to make a show here.

Bepedebopdeboop. Crash Course: Games.

Players were no longer limited to the games that were built into the console when it was built. What?

Come on, come on Keith. Get out of here.

BioShock can't go to the bathroom with you. Just being honest.
Off screen: PS4 with the, with the...
Andre: That's too complicated. You'd be dropping controllers there.
Off Screen: I'm just saying, there's options.

Andre: No. No! It disconnected. No! It's just moving on its own.

No. No. Slow it down.

And more of a universally accepted form of entertainment for all, and I was almost there and I messed it up right at the end and I... Agh!

Time of innovashiv... Innovashiv? What the heck?

What is wrong with me? I can't read!

This is Pac-Man we're talking about! You were taken back! Ah, you weren't in the shot, were you? You weren't in the shot! Pac-Man! Get me ready, man. Always be camera ready.

Players trusted Nintendo Games to be fun, look great, and would actually work. With some exceptions, LJN. I'm getting it in there! They have to go down! (Laughs)

What's that?
Off-screen: That's why you don't like...
Andre: I didn't like it.
Off-screen: I don't know, you gave kind of a subdues reaction.
Andre: Well, just, 'cause it was funny, 'cause I'm thinking of just like, moments in gaming history and like 8-bit era, 16-bit era, new consoles, new characters, and you're like, Lion King Game! That was, that was a pivotal moment in gaming history.

Street Fighter II invented the combo mechanic, and created the deeply human pleasure of a well... Mmmm.

It was supposed to make the characters look more real than the Street Fighter fighters. Street Fighter fighters.

The extremely popular online arena matches were called deathmatches. Now... That was the cutest way to... Deathmatches! Yay!

And we've only talked about the first half of the decad... What is that?

Is an electronics company that had, like, about, 330... 350 billion million.

Come on, man, cut it out. Jeez. That's just not normal.

Most of the industry was looking forward to the... Looking toward... Forward toward, forward toward.

Consumer electronics giant... Gapapababa SONY.

It had varying degrees of movement and nearly 360... Sorry. My, my finger slipped. This is a serious program about games.

Which included a control stick. That... No, that's the start button.

Character Laur, Lar, Laur, Lair... See, now I'm gonna mess it up. Alara, Laura, Laura, Laura. Okay.

Making it also one of the longest lived consoles of all ti... No, that's a weird place to emphasize.

Missed out on you, Xbox. I wasn't there.
Off-screen: You ever have Halo parties?
Andre: Psh. I didn't have party parties. (Laughs)

Vroom vroom. Vroom.

Though this message... I cannot say that. Though this meshage... Though this message spamming. Though this message spam... I cannot do that.

It had learned that the people... That the people. That THE PEOPLE. The people need a game that's fast!

Dadalala dadalala, dalalalalalala. And then the little birds go wanh wanh wanh. And the pigs are oinkoinkoink. Uh. That's what sold it. Not the whole physics mechanic. Just, just those sounds.

And the ability for players to compete with other players in tournaments among friends. Furtherburth... Furthermurdering? Murdering the gaming genre! (Laughs)

The short games allow for suxtinct... Suxtinct... succinct... succinct.

It had fighting, leveling up, and the ability to create guilds, or like... Why am I saying that weird, guild?

It had fighting, leveling up, and the ability to create guilds. I still feel like I'm saying that weird, am I saying that right? Guilds. I feel like I'm saying it weird.

I'm, I gotta get my dress for the quintillion.

We get the best of both worlds, both in the fantasy world and in the real world. I said the best of both worlds without making a Hannah Montana reference. I'm proud of myself.

The Sega CD and the 32X foreshadowed Sega's hardware struggles in the industry. But it's gonna get better for Sega, right? Right, pa? (Laughs)

And prevalent in our daily lives.
Off-screen: That was good. Got it. Excellent. (Laughs)