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We thought we'd animate a little excerpt of YouTube's interview with President Barack Obama. In this clip, Hank Green asks Obama about corporate lobbying. Check out his answer, animated! Want to see more animated clips? Share, like and subscribe!

Q: What do you think about Obama's answer to Hank's question?





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Hank: So, you used the phrase "middle class economics" in the speech, which I think is an idea that we needed a phrase for. But when I first told people I was gonna be able to come talk to you, a lot of them expressed that they felt like the government was never gonna have their interests at heart because the government existed to protect the interests of corporations and business. And the thing they use as the prime example of this is taking former leaders of industry and putting them in positions where they're regulating the industries they used to be in charge of. Is that a legitimate concern, and do you understand where those people are coming from?

Obama: Yeah, you know, look. I understand people's skepticism and cynicism. What is true is that too often lobbyists and special interests are able to block efforts to make the system fair and to make it work better. But our history shows that when people get involved, when they get engaged, when they vote, that in fact change happens. It doesn't always happen one hundred percent, and it doesn't always happen immediately, but it happens.