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Glozell and Hank Green, the first live, in person, YouTube stars to interview the President of the United States, look back on the experience minutes after the end of the conversation.
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Glozell, Hank Green Discuss Obama Interview | msnbc
Ronan: Hank, what was the most surprising moment for you?

Hank: Um, honestly Ronan I don't remember a lot of the interview because...

GloZell: I don't either.

H: It's weird. It's, I'm gonna have to go, like, watch it again. Um, but I did, like, I felt like the President took time to legitimately answer the questions that I asked him. A lot of people feel like the job of a politician is to just dance around and dodge questions. Um, I didn't fell like that happened. I felt like the concerns that I had, like, you know, obviously maybe I disagree with him on some of his answers but like...

G: What!

H: What? You know.

G: Are you gonna tell the people you disagree with the President when you just interviewed him?

R: You're allowed to, as a journalist, to disagree with the President.

H: Well, I'm not gonna, nobody's gonna agree with the President on everything.

G: He's not gonna invite you back to his house.

R: But see, you're in the house now. You've got it made, you don't need another invitation. And you were both incredibly honest an authentic.

G: Well that is worse than what I did. What he just did is worse than what I just did.

R: See, this is what we need, what's happening right here.