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In which John discusses gardening, nerdfighting birthday greetings from Bangladesh, and omnictionary.


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John: Good morning Hank, it's Monday May 19th, a pleasant but rainy day here in Indianapolis and today's video comes to you in three parts.

Part one: Why I smell funny. If YouTube had smellovision...By the way Google you are like a trillion dollar company with some of the brightest people in the world working for you, make me some smellovision!... Then you might be asking, "John, am I crazy, or have been swimming in a big vat of horse manure?" Well first off hank everyone knows you can't swim in horse manure, the consistency just doesn't allow for it. But, yes I do smell like horse manure it is because I went to this place in Indianapolis where they give away free horse poop.

You may remember that last year when the Yeti and I moved to Indianapolis and we got to our house and we noticed that we had a gigantic front lawn that was a complete waste of space and energy and water, we sort of freaked out. What we really wanted to do was rip up our entirely and replace it with native plants and vegetables. But here's the thing Hank, the only think I fear more than our planet becoming uninhabitable to humans is my neighbors thinking I am a crazy liberal.

So what we are doing instead is slowly ripping out our lawn. There's our brand new vegetable bed in a place that use to have grass. That's right Hank and probably enough, inch by inch, row by row, I am becoming a gardener

Part two...I forgot what part two was supposed to be...Oh right! Your early belated birthday present. Your proper belated birthday present will be coming later in the week but I didn't want to wait to show you what nerdfighter in Bangladesh Shawn got you.

So Hank here's what Shawn did with the X-Box money you sent him. He went to an extremely rural part of Bangladesh, a part of Bangladesh that almost no non-governmental organizations are working in. I mean there are no cars or anything, he had to cross this bridge to get there. This family has been struggling to keep their kids in school. Your money is going to help them do that. Also,everyone in the family, except the father has suffered from malaria at least once. Shawn brought them this mosquito net that is going to allow them to live without Malaria for years to come. Also, and this really sucks, their roof leaks onto their bed. Your money is going to fix that.

So isn't it sort of miraculous Hank that your looking at the actual people that your actual money is actually helping? All of us that donated to Shawn to help decrease world suck in Bangladesh will be experiencing that miracle soon as he begins to distribute more of the funds. Unfortunately it takes him a while to get videos up because you know, he's in Bangladesh. But we will keep track of what he is up to, link to his YouTube channel in the side bar or possibly in the sidebar. That's a hard finger mustache to do.

Part 3; Omnictionary. Nerdfighters, as some of you know Hank and I have been working on a semi-secret project which is kind of like a wiki, only, instead of being about facts, it's about lies. Omnictionary is what the Wikipedia like reference source in Paper Towns is called and since hank acquired for me we felt like we should do something interesting with it. And so what Hank and I did is we made a wiki and we took some terminology from Paper Towns and some of the world from Paper Towns and we basically wrote a story that was entirely different from Paper Towns. And also a story that doesn't really have a beginning, a middle or an end.

And that nerdfighters this is where you come in. This probably isn't going to work but our idea is that in the same way Wikipedia is a user created encyclopedia, can become a kind of user created novel. Readers of Omnictionary will pick how they read it in the same way we choose how we read Wikipedia. And instead of being written by one person it will be written by everybody. So far most of the entries have been written either by me, or by Hank or by a talented young writer name Emily Johnson.

But now I am officially opening up Omnictionary to the world, you can re-write the story as you see fit. If you're like me and you're always looking for new and interesting ways to read and by read by other writers this seems to me like a pretty jokes opportunity. Link in the sidebar, or, I am going to do it better this time, the sidebar. I have got to work on my sense of direction. Nerdfighters,thankyou for all your questions and please keep them coming, it's going to be two awesome Question Tuesdays this week. And Hank, you'll see me tomorrow.