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Hank: Corey Vidal, Vidal, Corey Vid, Vidalia (pronounced differently). Vidal just like the onion?

Corey: Close, like the shampoo. Vidal.

Hank: Vidal.

Corey: Sassoon.

Hank: We’ve been saying it wrong our entire lives.

Corey: Everybody does.

Hank: Um, I was just going to show everyone this which is your raffle prize. Is it every Star Wars book ever published?

Corey: It’s every Star Wars book from the orig… when they started making them in 1990 to 2005 when Revenge of the Sith came out so it’s a fifteen year collection.

Hank: It’s a fifteen year collection and you’re, and you’re raffling this off.

Corey: We’re breaking it up into chunks so that way more people can share in the joy.

Hank: OK. OK, OK, OK.

Corey: We discussed keeping it together, uh, ‘cause there’s something special about the whole collection but that’s a lot of books to give to one person.

Hank: So you’re breaking it into chronological chunks?

Corey: Yes. So the chunks actually do make sense.

Hank: Chronological in the universe not chronological to publishing.

Corey: Correct. Yeah. In, in story, if you get a chunk, that chunk will be very satisfying to read.

Hank: OK.

Corey: They will, they will all match.

Hank: Well I’m going to buy a raffle ticket for a chunk.

Corey: Awesome.

Hank: And, uh, maybe, maybe more than one.

Corey: Yeah, there’ll be five winners.

Hank: OK, there’ll be five winners.

Corey: Yeah.

Hank: And maybe I’ll buy five tickets then.

Corey: And then to switch to the actual charity, it’s going to the Make a Wish Foundation and actually while reading these books, I had a sister who got Leukemia and the Make a Wish Foundation sent my whole family to Florida and we went to Disney World. She was only two years old when she got it.

Hank: Wow.

Corey: So I’m really excited to give the money to them.

Hank: Wow. And we are also gonna go and comment on a video and that video is done by Will’s Odyssey and it is hilarious. It’s for, I think, the British Heart Foundation and you should go check that out. Click and comment now and also there’s a link in the describey to, uh, go and buy raffle tickets to Corey’s raffle.

John: (Off screen) It’s called the dooblydoo.

Hank: It’s called the d… It’s called the wunderbar. Everybody has a name. It’s called my pants.

John: (Off screen) The doodlybox.

Hank: The doodlybox?

John: Doodlybox.

Hank: Doodlybox. We’ve all got a different name for it.

Ransom: My cat has a doodlybox.


Hank: I’ll end on that.