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Our Project for Awesome video highlights Malaria No More. Go there to learn more and donate:
Hank: I’m back on the balcony for another milestone and I just noticed there’s some pizza on the ground that I dropped the last time I was out here but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is we just raised $15,000. $15,000! That’s very impressive, I’m very excited. I probably shouldn’t be holding my camera right here, I’m totally gonna drop and I wouldn’t be able to save the memory card so you wouldn’t even get that awesome video of the camera falling 15 storeys. But I also have more exciting news. Rhett and Link, the musical duo who you all know because they’re amazing just released their Project for Awesome video and it blew my mind with its epicosity. You will laugh your ass off and you will be inspired to give money to Malaria No More. But I will also encourage you to visit the link in the dooblydoo and you will be able to buy raffle tickets for some of the last t-shirt war t-shirts. Click links, comment videos, go to Project for Awesome and buy raffle tickets. Thank you all so much for participating, I will see you in mere minutes. Goodbye.