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I guess it's not really a rant...but I do sense a backlash coming.
Hello, it is the tenth day of April, the ninth day of me vlogging every day in April, and I am Hank Green, and I just made a Truth or Fail video the other day, and the day before that I went to see How to Train Your Dragon in 3D.

Because it was 3D it cost me $9, even though it was the super duper bargain maganet- maganee- super duper bargain matinee.  Which is the cheapest.  At the cheapest time that you can go see a movie, $9 per person, before the $10 of small popcorns and tiny drinks.

Sometimes 3D movies are worth it, sometimes mmmm.  This is a good example of a movie that was really great, but probably not that much greater because it was in 3D.

Honestly, you start to not see it after a little while; it's not a big deal.  It's hard to find someone who will say that Avatar wasn't better in 3D; that- that is true.  But it seems like in a short amount of time every single freaking movie in the world is going to be in 3D and I'm just going to be paying out the nose for it.

I love to go see movies, but movie studios are going to have to be very careful, because there is going to be a backlash.  I don't know if we're actually seeing it at all yet, I'm certainly feeling it.  But the more they make movies where they have to charge extra money for you to go see it, while at the same time taking home record profits, that's gonna start to seem a little fishy after a while.

I did, however, see the trailer for the Guardians of Ga'Hoole, which is gonna be in 3D and it's about owls, and I definitely want to see that one in 3D.  But How to Train Your Dragon I don't really see it.  We could've gone to see it at the 6, which is a smaller theater that doesn't have 3D here in Missoula, and I think that I probably would have enjoyed it exactly the same amount.

Don't have any deep insightful thoughts on this one, just curious what everyone else thinks.  Everyone, I will see you tomorrow.