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Hank outlines a super secret project that isn't really very secret at all.
(0:00) Hello, this is Hank Green. It's the 11th day of April and the 10th day of me vlogging in April--I'm gonna make sure that's true. That is correct, uhh, and I have just started working on a super-duper-secret project I am now going to tell you all about.

(0:12) I gotta come up with a new name for this, or if I'm just gonna start telling you about all of the secret project ideas that I'm having. It's not a secret cause I just started working on it and I'm about to tell you about it. But right now it's a secret, cause you haven't found out yet; I am in the past, you are in the future. Who said time travel wasn't possible?

(0:28) The time travel thing is not the super-secret project, the super-secret project is--pow--up on your screen right now. It is a Truth of Fail fact submission guide. The idea is that people can submit facts to Truth or Fail, and if we use the facts people submit then they will be entered into a drawing and they can win a 100 dollars every single week. I should definitively also add a mailing list to that page, OK--pow-- mailing list. Yes, I'm so good! Time travel! Truth of Fail Fact Finder, that's what I'm calling it!

(0:55) The reasons why I wanted this is partially because we are working on an iPhone application, and we need lots of new facts for the iPhone application because 10 facts in an application is not, just not enough. And I'm used to writing 10 facts at a time, but when we are doing an iPhone application we want to have like 50 or so facts at a time.

(1:09) And so people who submit facts through this website will not only get to contribute to an awesome project but for now we are having a 100 dollar a month (a week) prize. And the thing is people can submit as many facts as they want. They get to troll around the internet and they can find facts, and they can submit, submit, submit, submit, submit. And if they're good facts, then we'll use them and they'll get submitted to the drawing and the more that they submit, the better their chances of winning are--which I like. I like the idea. I would like to hear what you think of the idea.

(1:30) The mailing list, which is an idea I just had, would exist in order to give people updates on certain things. Like, for example, if there was a specific topic that we would like to encourage. Like the opening of the hockey season is coming up so maybe we want a lot of hockey facts. We can say you get 2 entries for every 1 hockey fact you submit.

(1:45) I don't know if you knew this, but writing the facts for Truth or Fail is the most time consuming part of Truth or Fail. It takes more time than the filming, and the editing, and the uploading, and the linking all put together. It takes a lot of time, and this is by no means going to eliminate the time that I spend on because fact checking is the biggest hunk of that. I'll find a nice fact but that doesn't mean that it's true; because the internet is the internet. So I have to spend a lot of time looking around and making sure that the facts that I find that are fascinating are actually fascinating true facts and not fascinating fails.

(2:13) Also, turning true facts into failing facts is a lot of what I do. Usually I don't just make up facts for the fails. Usually the fails are true facts that are turned on their head into fail-facts. And that way when I tell people that they failed, I have something interesting to tell them except that for "hey, you're dumb, you clicked on the wrong thing". I can also give them an interesting reason why the thing that they clicked on is a fail.

(2:36) All of this adds up to a product that I really really enjoy, and I want to streamline, and make it better, and make cooler, and then make it a better experience for everyone, and involve more people in the process; and so that is what I want to do with the Truth or Fail fact finding service thingy and the Truth or Fail fact finders.

(2:54) So raise your hand if you want to be a Truth or Fail fact finder, uhh, and tell me if you think it's a good idea, or bad idea; and so on and so forth. Everyone I will see you tomorrow.