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In which Hank sings two songs, makes funny noises, and discusses 50 Jokes.


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A Bunny
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I get to be inexplicably yellow now too! Such is life on the road, where apparently the first thing that happens is you lose your camcorder. I don't even know where I left idea.

I had it, then I didn't have it anymore. And yes, this is the last video of Brotherhood 2.1. (singing) Goodbye Brotherhood 2.1! I won't be too sad to see you go, I liked it better when we were doing one or two a week, that was pretty freaking sweet.

I know none of you are gonna like it, but it's gonna be a lot easier for John and I, especially since now we're on the road all the time. Though John never managed to edit and record an entire video for me, like I did for him while on the road. Maybe he will do that for me next week.

I have another song for you today, even though it's not Wednesday, it's Thursday. It's been part of the gatherings, part of the Tour de Nerdfighting. John and I have done this at some of the gatherings, it's a Nerdfighter chant!

I kind of want everybody to know it. So that we can all do it together. It goes like this: Yes we are Nerdfighters and the world is in luck because we increase the awesome and we decrease the suck!

So if you want to, just listen to that a couple of times. Learn the words, and we can sing it together! At the Nerdfighter events!

That would be fun. So on the way home from the Knoxville, Tennessee Nerdfighter gathering, John said to me, "Hank you don't have to worry about making your video. It's really late, yeah, but all the Nerdfighters really want to hear from you is you making funny noises." Is that all you want from me?

Funny noises? 'Cause I can do that. *lots of funny noises that can't really be put into words* The people who printed my album misread "So Jokes" as "50 Jokes," which makes sense if you're not a Nerdfighter. "So Jokes" doesn't make any sense at all, but "50 Jokes" does. And this doesn't have any impact on the actual album. They just did it on the order form and they kept talking to me about my album "50 Jokes" and I kept saying, "Whatever.

I don't care what you call it." It gave me an idea for a video. I kinda want to do a video with 50 jokes! If you would like to put some jokes in the comments *doo doo doo doo* then I could choose my favorite jokes and I could put together my video with 50 of my favorite jokes!

I mean, I got a lot of favorite jokes already. Some of them are not so appropriate. So I'll use some of my jokes and some of your jokes, and maybe at the next Nerdfighter gathering we can talk about jokes.

The gatherings have continued to go pretty awesomely. I am very glad to say that I have stopped messing up quite so often during my songs, though still haven't gotten through one without messing up. That's just part of life, I guess.

Messing up. *sigh* Tomorrow we will be in Gadsden, Alabama and it will be awesome. And then we're taking a day off, and then we're moving on! John, I will see you in the morning, when we get into the minivan and we resume touring the Nerdfighting!

And Nerdfighters, I will see you guys soon. Especially if you're in Alabama.