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Hello this is Hank Green, recording live from the Gadsden Public Library in Gadsden, Alabama. And I just want to say to you, that John Green should have become President, but he lost, to this scoundrel named Barack Obama. But I will never forget John Green's historic run for the office. John Green 2008. Always remember the power of the John Green. I would totally not be his Vice President though. Not a job I would want.

We got here early, so I decided to make a little video; I also found my camcorder, which is very exciting. I can't show it to you because I'm filming myself with it. I have a really big zit right between my eyes. That's too bad. Why to I have big zit, I've been washing my face religiously. I've been washing everything religiously because I really don't want to get sick on this tour. So what do we got here. We've got a pile of my CDs. I haven't actually showed it on- on the air before. There it is. And here's the back. And if you freeze it, you can see what all.... and there's the disc itself, looks like a chicken being run over by a car. And designed bu Sharkeye Jones. One of the greatest illustrators of our generation. And over here, we have John's signing table, with his mac, but he's gone of somewhere, probably to go to the bathroom. He gets a really big chair, and I get a little chair, and then we have a big stack of John's books. Here we have shirts, says nerdfighter on it. And down here we have a Katherine, reading a Paper Towns. And right there we have our magical device, that lets us be on the internet right now. And we have that little thing so that we can be right now on BlogTV, which we are. And we're going to be broadcasting the entire Gadsden event on BlogTV, so if you want to, you can see the link in the sidebar.

I think that's all. I'll see you guys at BlogTV.