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Hank vlogs a bit about Leaky.
Hello! I'm leaving Chicago. It was a great LeakyCon. See, there's a plane. I'm not making it up. It's green screen, it's all fake. Everything's fake.

The conference went really well. John got a Pele jersey from nerdfighters in Brazil. It's actually a DFTBA jersey, but it's signed by Pele. 

I just saw a bunch of firetrucks driving around outside on the other side of the airport over there and that makes me nervous. But hopefully that's not a big deal. Lots of air traffic here. 

The pony video seems to be doing well, causing a bit of controversy in the comments that I did not expect. Apparently, there's some brony hate going on on the internet these days. You know, whatever people. I had a good time and people seemed to accept, for the most part, the video and the spirit that it was meant. Uh, LeakyCon set was really great. I played Accio with Harry and the Potters and I rocked the house, if I do say so myself. 

Pretty sick and tired throughout the whole conference, but not sick and tired. More like, huh, too bad I'm sick and tired. But I had a really great time and everybody seemed to have a great time as well.

And now I get to go home and sleep. Actually, I don't get to sleep for that long 'cos I gotta film SciShow tomorrow. So, who needs sleep? What's that for?