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Worrying about my voice before the signing begins.
Hank: Hello, hello, hello, hello. I'm at LeakyCon
John: What are you doing? Are you doing a Hank Channel video?
H: Look, it's Valerie!
Valerie: Hi!
H: The creator of Pizza John.
J: She's wearing the shirt she made.
H: She's wearing the Pizza John.
V: I've got to.
H: Vendor.
J: Will you wave? Will you wave for the vlog?
H: Now John's filming as well. Ohhhh!
J: Ahhh!

H: I just- We're about to start our signing.
J: We're gonna sign for a while.
H: Uh, and I'm excited.
J: You're so bad at video blogging.
H: I have mmmm, my voice. I just signed for a couple hours out in the expo hall and then I'm gonna do it for a couple more hours now and then I'm gonna play a set and I think I'm only gonna play songs that are low.
J: Like grovelly?
H: Yeah, just like-
J: I got some suggestions!
H: Like "I'm Gonna Kill You" and "Looking for Alaska" and those songs.
J: Have you ever played, like, any Jack White songs?
H: Queen Ranavalona. That's really the opposite direction of where I wanna go. Are we- Are you thinking of the same Jack White that I'm thinking about.
J: Yeah, the one who's like: Bahh, dooowww, duwww duuhhh.
H: Jack White of The White Stripes?
J: Yeah.
H: No, he sings really, really high.
J: I'll sing you a song- I'll play you a song of his that shows you what I'm talking about.
H: Okay...
J: The great thing about a Jack White song is that you only have to sing one thing over and over.
H: I-I- Any Jack White song I can think of is very high. I don't know.
J: I'm thinking of that "If You're in a Little Room" song. I'll sing it right now.
H: I don't know that song.
J: If you're in a little room and you're working on something big...?
H: If you're in a little room and you're working-
J: You're right, he does sing kind of high. I don't know anything about music!
H: You're gonna need a bigger room. Yeah, that's-
J: My-
H: A need-a-need-a-need-a-dah-dah-doww. Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what he sounds like.
J: You just ruined your voice, just for me.
H: So apparently, Jack White also always has a cold.
J: Ha-ha! So you can play Jack White just like I said- You can play Jack White songs
H: Yeah. You're sitting in a little room. I can just do it an octave low.
J: Yeah!
H: Yeah. Yeah.
J: It sounded good before.
H: *coughing* Yeah, okay. I'm gonna sign off. We're gonna start signing for people. God. Oh no. Goodbye.