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Join us for EFF’s 30th Anniversary! Celebrate three decades of defending Internet freedom with us.

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Stop in to check out a variety of online rights discussions, entertainment, and an EFF30 Fireside Chat—the first of a year-long series on the past, present, and future of online rights. And all day we will salute the animal friends that are the backbone of the Internet.

And don’t miss EFF’s Fourth Annual Tech Trivia starring our own Cybertiger Cooper Quintin who will urge you to nerd your hardest in this exploration of digital security, online rights, and Internet culture.
Starting at 5:28:00

D: I'm Danny O'Brien and we're in a room that's full of people.


Is the internet always full of people, though?

D: Zoom is holding us hostage.

H: Oh.  Do I--do we have the code?  I didn't hear the code.


H: Oh, in the chat?

D: It's in the chat.  


Say it!  


Don't say it.

Not that anyone is hearing this.  

They're (?~5:328:30)

H: Okay.  Too late.  It's okay.  

Hank, thank you for staying with us.  Cory, good work of breaking Hank's fingers and getting him to stay around.

Alright, while we're waiting, let's do the pronoun round.  If people can just say what their pronoun is.  I will shout your name, and if you tell me your pronoun, if you wish to reveal that to the world.  If you don't, I will refer to you by your real name.  Okay!  Or your nickname.  Anyway.

You can also update your Zoom name.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, look.

to include your pronoun so that way, if people forget, then they can get a visual reference.

That would be useful for me, otherwise, everyone is he.  


E: He/him.


D: I am he/him.




We're both she/her.  

She/her.  Cory!

Oh look.  


Q: He/him

And you are muted.  No (?~5:329:01)

Pick one pronoun.


That was the correct answer.

Leonard is he/him, I'm she/her.  Thank you.


M: She/her


H: He/him.


He/him.  He paused.  (?~5:330:25)  

Is this also a soundtrack?

Yeah, we should do a sound check, too.  Well, actually, we just did.  It sounded great.  


Yes, yes.  

Yeah, we can hear.

Everyone deserves to be heard.  


We should be able to (?~5:330:57) told me to shut up if I'm distracting you.