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In the twenty-first century, reading and watching videos are related activities that allow people to engage with authors and other readers. Whether they turn to The Fault in Our Stars or titles by lesser-known authors, Nerdfighters are readers. Incorporating thousands of testimonials about what they read and why, Jennifer Burek Pierce not only sheds light on this particular online community, she also reveals what it tells us about the changing nature of reading in the digital age.

Author Jennifer Burek Pierce was joined in conversation with Complexly video editor Maia Ledesma and Iowa City Press Citizen’s Zachary Oren Smith on Tuesday, November 19th at 7 PM CST.

Jennifer Burek Pierce is associate professor of library and information science at the University of Iowa. She is author of What Adolescents Ought to Know: Sexual Health Texts in Early Twentieth Century America. She lives and writes in the Midwest.

Maia Ledesma is a video editor at Complexly, Hank and John Green's online video company, known for producing the YouTube channels Crash Course and SciShow. Since moving to Montana, she has created videos for Sexplanations, Nature League, and Animal Wonders. Maia has been an active member of Nerdfighteria since 2010, and she is constantly in awe of the community's ability to harness the power of online collaboration for good.

Zachary Oren Smith writes about government, growth, and non-on-the-cob corn uses for the Iowa City Press-Citizen. A Mississippi transplant to Iowa, he's written for Muscatine Journal, Scalawag, Lithub, Mississippi Today and the Jackson Free Press. In 2007, Hank and John Green's Brotherhood 2.0 taught him to internet.
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