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So I asked Jane to record a message to Charlotte as part of documenting our stay here at Netherfield and guess who popped up in. Bing Lee himself! Those two really are adorable.

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Lizzie: Hello internet. Still at Netherfield. Today I'm being extra careful about how and when I record these things because...It's one thing if one of my sisters barges in on me recording these things but it's quite another if the person coming through the door could be Bing or, even worse, Darcy. And I know what you're all gonna say down in the comments-"You keep talking about this guy" "You're in his house!" "We want to see Bing Lee!"-well, I wasn't going to do this, but the fates have conspired against me. My name is Lizzie Bennet, and you're finally gonna see Bing Lee.

Theme song plays

Lizzie: So since Jane and I have been living at Netherfield, she's been a little under the weather 'cause she's stuck in the house and I've been busy. I encouraged her to record a letter to Charlotte if she got bored-I miss you Charlotte-and then some adorableness happened and, you know what, let's just roll the tape.

Jane: Hi Charlotte. Um, Lizzie is running errands right now but she said she'd be back before dinner, but um, it's actually almost dinner time and she's not back yet but, oh gosh, oh that's not, that's not good. I guess Lizzie told you I have a bit of a cold but I'm fine.

Bing: Jane?

Jane: Oh, hi!

Bing: What're you doing up here all alone?

Jane: Um, I was just recording a video letter to Charlotte.
Bing: Oh, hey Charlotte. Um, you should come visit poor Jane while she's sick. Look how her sister abandoned her.  

Jane: No, she didn't abandon me. I'm fine, I'm fine.

Bing: Excuse me, but I'm a genuine medical student, I believe I'll be the judge of that.

Jane: Oh. 

Bing: Oh, that's not good. Jane laughs. This is very bad. Charlotte you need to hurry over right away.

Jane: Why? Am I gonna die?

Bing: Don't worry, I took a seminar on breaking bad news to people. You're in good hands. 

Jane: So what do you think, Mr. Almost a Doctor?

Bing: Jane Bennet, it truly pains me to say this, but you only have 7 or 8 decades to live.

Jane: Oh my God.

Bing: I know this is a very difficult time for you but just try to stay strong for your sisters.

Jane: Oh, no no no. Aren't you afraid I'm going to infect you with my disease? How could I possibly be happy in my remaining 70 or 80 years if I knew that I had doomed you as well. 

Bing: Oh Jane, I'm afraid it's too late. I've already caught it.
They laugh.

Jane: Oh, that's terrible.

Bing: It's a bit cheesy, but it's not that bad. 

Jane: No, not that. That you're going to be dead in 80 years. 

Bing: Probably less than that. Statistically, men don't live as long as women do. 

Jane: The news just keeps getting worse and worse.

Bing: It's true. So, uh, Charlotte, if you're seeing this, please, for the love of God, do not come visit. This is a plague house and Lord only knows what will befall you if you darken our door!

Lizzie: Hey Jane and uhh, hey, Caroline says dinner's in 5 minutes and wanted to know if you were coming down.

Bing: Lizzie, run, save yourself. Tell her Jane, she's young, she has so much to live for.

They laugh.

Lizzie: I'm gonna take that as a no, then? 

Bing: Tell Caroline not to hold the soup, I'll be down in a minute.

Lizzie: Awesome.

Jane:You should go eat.

Bing: You should finish your letter to Charlotte. So, what were you gonna tell her?

Jane: Not much. Just that it's really nice here and that I wish that I was feeling better so that I could enjoy everyone's company. 

Bing: Well then, we'll just have to get you better.

Jane: Oh mister, do you think you could improve my prognosis? 

Bing: Hey, this mister is soon to be a doctor. 

Lizzie: I know, right? So, what do you think?